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South Korea is still being super nice to Kim — and it could undermine US pressure

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Washington’s sanctions on Iran on talkRADIO


What Kim Jong-un Really Wants Hasn’t Changed

America Needs a Clear Strategy to Counter China’s Expansion in the South China Sea

Kim’s demand for a peace deal before denuclearisation shows how much Trump got played

Tom Wilson discusses the future of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on the Jeremy Vine Show

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses President Trump and Vladimir Putin on Sky News

Nuclear Nuances: How to Negotiate with North Korea


Trump-Putin summit is welcome – but the West must continue to act together in defence of our values


Trump NATO comments demonstrate reality of enduring US commitment to Europe – if Europe does what’s right


Petty virtue signalling about Trump visit should not distract from the importance of the enduring Special Relationship

European nations – not Trump – are undermining NATO

Lessons from the America-Japan Trade War of the 1980s

Trump just opened a new Embassy in Taipei. We should all be doing the same

What promises have emerged from the Singapore summit? Nothing but air and glitter

Just Denuclearization? What Trump Really Wants from Kim

Dr John Hemmings appears on BBC World discussing the US-NK Summit and Japanese involvement

Dr John Hemmings speaks to BBC News on US-China trade tariffs

Dr John Hemmings discusses North Korean diplomacy on BBC World News

Dr John Hemmings speaks to i24 about the cancelled US-NK Summit


US-North Korea Summit always an uphill battle

Dr John Hemmings on BBC Good Morning Ulster discussing US-North Korea talks under threat  


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