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Sam Ashworth-Hayes explores how language taboos have shifted over time in CapX

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Washington’s sanctions on Iran on talkRADIO

Tom Wilson discusses the future of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on the Jeremy Vine Show

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses President Trump and Vladimir Putin on Sky News


Trump-Putin summit is welcome – but the West must continue to act together in defence of our values


Trump NATO comments demonstrate reality of enduring US commitment to Europe – if Europe does what’s right


Petty virtue signalling about Trump visit should not distract from the importance of the enduring Special Relationship

Dr John Hemmings appears on BBC World discussing the US-NK Summit and Japanese involvement

Dr John Hemmings speaks to BBC News on US-China trade tariffs

Dr John Hemmings discusses North Korean diplomacy on BBC World News

Dr John Hemmings speaks to i24 about the cancelled US-NK Summit


US-North Korea Summit always an uphill battle

Dr John Hemmings on BBC Good Morning Ulster discussing US-North Korea talks under threat  

Dr John Hemmings spoke to BBC Breakfast on US-North Korea relations


Jason Pearlman talks to the Jeremy Vine Show about the Iran nuclear deal

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on talkRADIO to discuss the United States’ withdrawal from the JCPOA

Jason Pearlman talks to BBC Three Counties Radio about the Iran nuclear deal

Dr Alan Mendoza on Fox News to discuss Benjamin Netanyahu’s US visit


Bolton and Pompeo appointments should strengthen American leadership abroad

Dr John Hemmings discusses new US National Security Adivsor John Bolton on BBC News

Dr John Hemmings appears on Love Sport Radio to discuss Trump and North Korea


Pompeo appointment as Secretary of State is good for Britain

Timothy Stafford speaks to BBC Radio Wales about US-UK Relations

Dr Alan Mendoza talks to BBC 5Live about Donald Trump’s cancelled visit to the UK


Dr Alan Mendoza on Fox News with Tucker Carlson


Dr John Hemmings speaks to CTV about US diplomacy towards North Korea


Henry Jackson Society responds to New York City terrorist incident


Dr John Hemmings discusses North Korea’s latest missile launch & Trudeau’s China trip on CTV


Dr John Hemmings appears on i24 to discuss Donald Trump’s Visit to Asia


Kyle Orton discusses US-Iran relations and Iraq on France 24


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