UK is right to take these measures in response to an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty


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The Henry Jackson Society today responded to the announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May of tough measures in response to what has been confirmed as a state-sponsored assassination attempt by Russia on the streets of Britain.

Theresa May announced that 23 Russian diplomats would be expelled; revoked an invitation to Foreign Minister Lavrov to visit the UK; said that no Ministers or members of the Royal Family would attend the 2018 World Cup; indicated that Russian state assets would be frozen where they may be used to threaten the life or property or UK residents; and said that the Government would urgently draw up new legislation to harden national defences against hostile states.

She also confirmed that the Government would table so-called ‘Magnitsky’ amendments to the Sanctions Bill – and that Britain may take measures which could not be disclosed for reasons of national security.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“Russia’s attempt to commit murder on the streets of Britain has been exposed. The UK Government is absolutely right to take these measures in response to what is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty.

“The moves announced by Theresa May are a good start. We also need to see greater use of Unexplained Wealth Orders to target those individuals hiding their illicit money on our shores.

“President Putin may be able to rig elections at home but the Kremlin’s behaviour is being exposed abroad. Britain’s European and NATO allies, including the United States, must now also make clear that they will hold Moscow to account and that, unless she changes course, Russia will be isolated internationally.”


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