Iranian Regime Places Sanctions on The Henry Jackson Society

British thinktank The Henry Jackson Society, known for its robust stance in defence of freedom and democracy worldwide, has today been targeted by Iran’s clerical regime for sanctions. HJS was one of a number of European entities and personalities blacklisted by Tehran on account of their support for domestic protestors in Iran and efforts to stop Iranian nuclear proliferation and support for global terrorism.

The Iranian decision comes at a time when the British government is tightening its policy on Iran, having sanctioned Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in December with a rumoured proscription of this entity to follow. HJS has long argued that the IRGC is an essential component of Iran’s terrorist-supporting infrastructure, and has also previously highlighted the influence of the Iranian regime within UK charities and places of worship that needs to be removed urgently

HJS Executive Director Dr Alan Mendoza commented: “The Henry Jackson Society wears Iran’s decision to sanction us with pride, as it reflects this regime’s desperation to try and stop those – at home and abroad – who are fighting for a free, democratic and peaceful Iran. We hope the UK government takes note of Tehran’s attempt to silence pro-democracy voices and moves quickly to proscribe Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, whose nefarious activities should be deemed illegal here immediately.”

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