Henry Jackson Society pledges to continue to defend liberal democracy as it launches major brand refresh



The Henry Jackson Society has today relaunched its website amidst a major brand refresh – and has pledged to continue to play its part in standing up for liberal democracy in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Since 2005, the Society has carved out a role as a think tank and policy-shaping force that fights for the principles and alliances which keep societies free. We have worked across borders and party lines to combat extremism – and to advance democracy, freedom and human rights. We have been making a stand for these values in what has become an increasingly uncertain world.

The Society is named for Democratic US Senator Henry M. ‘Scoop’ Jackson – a bulwark in the fight for democracy and freedom in the 20th Century. One of Senator Jackson’s central concerns was the pursuit of a robust foreign policy based on principles such as the global promotion of the rule of law, liberal democracy and the market economy. We believe that the Jackson legacy is more relevant today than ever – with events from the Korean Peninsula to the Middle East proving the point beyond doubt.

Through its different projects and workstreams, the Henry Jackson Society continues to offer insight, analysis and recommendations on how Britain and the West should respond to today’s challenges:

  • Our Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre was ahead of the curve in warning of the threat from Vladimir Putin.
  • Our Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism continues to assess the nature of the extremist threat we face and how to combat it.
  • The Global Britain Programme seeks to chart a way forward for the UK as we leave the European Union.
  • The Asia Studies Centre has tracked the rise of China while exploring the motives of North Korea’s regime.
  • The Student Rights initiative has tackled extremism on UK university campuses.
  • The Centre for the New Middle East continues to publish on developments across that region, including most recently on Iran’s ballistic missile capability.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“With more publications, a higher media profile, an unrivalled parliamentary events programme and an expanded staff operation, the Henry Jackson Society continues to go from strength to strength.

“The look may have changed, but our commitment to democracy, freedom and human rights has not. From Putin’s Russia to the rise of China, from charting a new course in the world post-Brexit to the undiminished threat from Islamist terrorism, the need to defend our values and our way of life has never been greater. The Henry Jackson Society will continue to play its part.”


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