Victims and Survivors of Terror: Perspectives on Prevention and Beyond

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Victims and Survivors of Terror: Perspectives on Prevention and Beyond

22nd February 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Most who study or work to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism do so with one overriding purpose – to reduce, or even prevent further victims of terrorist attacks. Consulting survivors and the families of those lost to terrorism holds significant potential for the continued development of preventative and responsive strategies to terrorism – yet much of this potential remains untapped.

In this event the Henry Jackson Society speaks to those directly affected by acts of terrorism in the UK, in an attempt to better understand their experiences, how it has affected their perceptions of terrorism and those who perpetrate it, and how we should move forward with our work to prevent future terrorist atrocities.



Figen Murray is the mother of Martyn Hett, who at 29 years of age was tragically killed in the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena in May 2017. Before his death Figen worked as a counsellor, supervisor, and life coach, but since has stepped down from her profession. Following this decision Figen is now committed to her mission of promoting peace, kindness and tolerance in Martyn’s memory, while also working towards tangible changes that can help ensure no other family has to go through what hers did. Driven by the same values that underpinned her work, she has continued to use her influence to create and promote a strong counter-narrative to extremism and hate. Over the last three years she has been vocal both in national and local media, appearing on radio and television, speaking at events as well as writing insightful opinion pieces. Figen commits her time to talk to young people in schools, colleges and universities educating them about the dangers of radicalisation. She has so far spoken to more than 7,500 secondary school pupils across England, urging them to confront the terrible impact of the Manchester bombing, and raising awareness of the extremism behind it. Her talks also aim to show the youth of today how they can positively influence and shape their world, encouraging those in attendance to think about acts of kindness whilst at school and outside of it. Figen is also the force behind Martyn’s Lawa legislation requiring entertainment venues to improve security against the threat of terrorism, and one that requires that all venues in Manchester have a counter-terrorism plan. Her petition to make Martyn’s Law mandatory has received over 23,000 signatures and is now on its way to becoming a reality.  She has also just been presented with the Outstanding Contribution award at the 2020 Counter Terror Awards for her efforts in stopping terrorism.



At the age of 19, Travis Frain received multiple serious injuries in the Westminster bridge terror attack whilst on a trip to London with his University. In the years following he has passionately campaigned and advocated for improved support for victims of terrorism, in addition to delivering talks in schools and colleges about the dangers of radicalisation and extremism. In January 2018 he was a founding member of the pressure group Survivors Against Terror, and he currently sits on several advisory boards assisting Counter Terrorism Policing and numerous NGOs.



Matt Dryden is an experienced practitioner in preventing and countering violent extremism, having worked at strategic and operational levels on U.K. government PREVENT and CHANNEL programmes, and at the pan-European level on radicalisation prevention. Matt holds a BSc in Criminology, PGCert in Investigating Vulnerability Crime, MSc in Counter-Terrorism, and is currently completing a PhD in Terrorism Studies. Matt has published research and policy papers in leading peer-reviewed academic journals on issues pertaining to radicalisation and terrorism. Matt’s research focuses on radicalisation processes and the psychological and behavioural aspects of terrorist offending. He is a Research Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society.


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22nd February 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


United Kingdom


Henry Jackson Society
+44 (0) 20 7340 4520


Figan Murray, Travis Frain, Matt Dryden


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