Countering Russia’s Occupation: A New Crimea Platform

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Countering Russia’s Occupation: A New Crimea Platform

12th April 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tensions are mounting as Russia continues to move troops and equipment to Crimea and the Ukrainian border. The UK and USA have unequivocally voiced their support for Ukraine and its territorial integrity but this new wave of Russia aggression poses the question: what can we do in the long-run to better support Ukraine? In particular, this event will look at the role of the UK and the issue of Crimea.

For too long, Crimea has been seen as the backstory to Russian aggressions, a fait accompli, rather than an ongoing assault on human rights, international law, and regional security through Russia’s occupation of the peninsula. Looking to change this, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is launching an international Crimea Platform, which seeks to reverse and/or mitigate the negative trends observed on the Russian-occupied peninsula. This week has reminded us why it is needed.

The Henry Jackson Society is pleased to be hosting this event which will question how the Crimea Platform’s potential can be maximised and what role the UK should play in it.


Emine Dzhaparova is the First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Previously, Emine worked as Attaché at the Department of Social and Humanitarian Affairs of the MFA Department of Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy on Crimea, and First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine. Outside the public sector, Emine has worked in the media as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at ZAMAN, host and author of a number of programs on the Crimean TV channel ATR, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Radio Svoboda project “Crimea.Realities”.


Orysia Lutsevych is a Research Fellow and the Manager of the Ukraine Forum in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House. She focuses on social change and the role of civil society in democratic transition in the post-Soviet region. Prior to joining Chatham House, she led the start-up of Europe House Georgia and was executive director of the Open Ukraine Foundation.


Jade McGlynn is Director of Research at the Henry Jackson Society, where she is also the Russia and Eurasia Research Fellow. Prior to joining HJS, Jade was a Lecturer in Russian at the University of Oxford. Jade is also the author of Renewing the Resistance. The UK’s role in the Crimea Platform, which covers many of the issues being discussed during this event.


Bob Seely is the Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight. He sits on the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Mr Seely writes academically and journalistically on foreign affairs as well as more generally on non-conventional and new forms of conflict. Prior to his election in June 2017, Mr Seely served on the Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and ISIS campaigns as a member of the Armed Forces. From 1990 to 1994, Mr Seely lived in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet states. His academic and foreign affairs writings are available online here.


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12th April 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


United Kingdom


Emine Dzhaparova, Orysia Lutsevych, Dr Jade McGlynn, Bob Seely MP


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