Israel: Life in the Time of War

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Israel: Life in the Time of War

26 February @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

It has been more than four months since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. The ensuing war has garnered wall-to-wall coverage on international news channels. Yet we know little about the home front in Israel. What does daily life look like for Israelis? How is the war affecting their mental health and family life? And how is Israeli culture being shaped by the ongoing war?

Joining us to answer these questions—and share their experiences and insights—are two Israeli residents. Jessica Steinberg is an editor at The Times of Israel and an author. Dr. Michael Tobin is a clinical psychologist and an author.

This event will shine a new light on the Hamas-Israel war, and show another side of Israeli society.



Jessica Steinberg is the culture and lifestyles editor at The Times of Israel. Since October 7, her coverage of Israel’s cultural scene has become a must-read for anyone wanting to understand how the war is impacting Israeli culture. She has also written for The New York Times and is the author of “Not This Turkey”.



Dr Michael Tobin has been a cognitive psychologist for more than 45 years. He specialises in marriage and family therapy. The author of “Riding the Edge: A Love Song to Deborah”, he wrote an essay entitled “Life on Israel’s Home Front” in UnHerd last January.



Dr Theo Zenou is a Research Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society. He has a PhD in history from Cambridge University and has written for The Washington Post, The Economist and Sunday Times.


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The Henry Jackson Society was delighted to host a discussion on the impacts of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, focusing on the less-discussed aspects of daily life and culture in Israel during these tumultuous times. Chaired by Dr. Theo Zenou, the event featured insights from Jessica Steinberg, the culture and lifestyles editor at The Times of Israel, and Dr. Michael Tobin, a clinical psychologist and author. They delved into the profound effects of the conflict on Israeli society, from the mental health challenges faced by citizens to the resilience and unity displayed in the face of adversity.

Dr. Tobin initiated the conversation by addressing the psychological shifts within Israeli society since the onset of the war on October 7, emphasizing the transition from a divided to a unified nation. He discussed the psychological resilience required to commute from battlefronts to home fronts, a unique aspect of this conflict, highlighting the sense of unity and volunteerism that has surged across the country.

Jessica Steinberg spoke to the cultural impact, detailing how artists and the broader creative community have responded to the conflict. She provided examples of artists like Shoshke Engelmayer and Zoya Cherkassky, who have used their work to process and depict the war’s effects, as well as initiatives by artists and curators to support affected communities through art. Steinberg also touched on the role of volunteerism in reinforcing societal bonds during these difficult times.




26 February
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Jessica Steinberg, Dr Michael Tobin


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