Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities

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Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities

12th June 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Beyond Grievance highlights the growing tensions between the liberal cosmopolitanism which defines much of the British political Left, and the patriotic faith-based conservatism that runs deep in many of Britain’s ethnic-minority communities. With American-style racial identity politics taking root in the UK, the book argues that many liberal-leftists are disregarding the attachments to the traditional triad of faith, family and flag in historically Labour-voting, ethnic-minority communities.

Rakib Ehsan argues that Britain needs a robust civic patriotism which understands that a stable family unit is the finest form of social security known to humankind; a cultural arrangement which appreciates that faith is a vital source of strength and optimism across a diversity of communities. Providing a much-needed corrective to the toxic mixture of tribal identity politics and radical cultural liberalism on the modern British Left, the book presents the case for an inclusive ‘social-justice traditionalism’ rooted in family, security, and equality of opportunity.

The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to present Dr Rakib Ehsan’s most recent book, “Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities”, where the author will be discussing how the Left is complacent in assuming they can depend upon a traditional support base among ethnic minorities. Rather than buy into toxic imported ideologies around identity politics, the Left could create a fairer multi-ethnic society based upon equal opportunity, social cohesion, and a national sense of belonging.



Dr Rakib Ehsan is a research analyst and writer, specialising in matters of social cohesion, race relations and public security. Having previously worked as a senior data analyst at the Centre for Social Justice, his research has been published by British think-tanks such as the Henry Jackson Society, ResPublica, Policy Exchange, the Runnymede Trust, and the Intergenerational Foundation. A prominent British authority on matters of racial identity and social integration, Dr Ehsan is currently a Patron of the Muslims Against Anti-Semitism, and has also presented evidence to The White House Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force. He is available for interview.



Marc Sidwell is Director of Research at The Henry Jackson Society. He has worked as a senior editor for the Telegraph and City A.M. and as publisher for the New Statesman. Marc has also written regularly for publications including Telegraph, The Critic, National Review and City A.M. He is a Senior Fellow at the New Culture Forum, and a graduate of Oxford and Warwick.






The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host Dr Rakib Ehsan for the launch of his new book Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong about Ethnic Minorities. Following his introduction by Marc Sidwell, Dr Ehsan discussed the ideas underpinning his book, including his personal experience growing up in Luton and the Left’s lack of representation for traditionalist views of ethnic minority families. He emphasised the importance of a stable, loving family unit as a tool for social security and advocated for national pride, patriotism and faith to be viewed as positive characteristics among ethnic minority voters. Dr Ehsan warned against the danger of generalising and misrepresentative acronyms such as ‘BAME’, stressing the diversity that exists within such a grouping. In response to an audience question, he also criticised the ‘americanisation’ of Britain’s racial identity politics, insisting that inequality should be viewed outside the ‘prism of race’ and consider other factors such as class. Throughout the discussion, Dr Ehsan maintained the belief that the United Kingdom is “the most successful multiracial democracy in the world”.



Dr Rakib Ehsan


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