Centre on Social and Political Risk


The Centre for Social and Political Risk (CSPR) is a citizen-focused, international research centre, which seeks to identify, diagnose and propose solutions to threats to governance in liberal Western democracies.

Its fundamental purpose is to underscore the potential harm that various forms of social, cultural and political insecurity, conflict and disengagement can pose to the long-term sustainability of democracies – including the resilience of their institutions, public policy outcomes, citizens’ health and wellbeing, and economic growth and prosperity. Moreover, to underscore how social and political instability can make nations vulnerable to internal and external actors seeking to deepen cleavages, undermine consensus and ultimately, to weaken democratic functioning.

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Anti-Hindu Hate in Schools

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Antisemitism in Schools

All Change: The Impact of Government Policy on Migration Composition & Social Cohesion

Backing our Police: How Parliament Can Give Police Forces the Tools to Combat Disruptive Protesters

Behind Global Britain: Public Opinion on the UK’s Role in the World

The Personal Touch: How Britain’s Values-Based Diplomacy can Champion Dissidents around the World

Black Lives Matter UK: An Anthology

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British Muslim anti-Semitism

National Resilience Index 2020: An Assessment of the D-10

BLM: A Voice for Black Britons?

Leaving Lockdown: The Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Liberties and National Security in the UK & US


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