Aliona Hlivco appointed as Managing Director of the Henry Jackson Society

The Henry Jackson Society is excited to announce the appointment of Aliona Hlivco as our new Managing Director. Aliona Is a political analyst, political commentator, and foreign policy expert with a background in domestic and international strategic communications, global affairs, and geopolitics.

She started her career in Ukrainian politics, holding several government positions in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Parliament in Ukraine, focusing on international partnerships, cross-border cooperation, infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and decentralisation.

Aliona finished her time in Ukrainian politics as an elected member of the regional parliament in 2015-2018 and as a chief adviser to the Chairman of the Regional Government, having coordinated strategy during the 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity.

Aliona contributes regularly to media outlets such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, The Telegraph, Monocle, and CapX. She is a guest lecturer at various academic institutions – Harvard University, Cambridge University, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, NYU, London Business School, London UOTC, and King’s College London – providing Ukraine and global affairs expertise.

In addition to her position at the Henry Jackson Society, she is a Coalition for Global Prosperity Advisory Council member.

Please find the below statement from Aliona regarding her appointment:

“We are at the dawn of a new world order. The war in my home country, Ukraine, has set in motion a series of events that are reshaping our existing reality. While some may perceive it as a localised conflict in Eastern Europe, this war disrupted the established trajectory of the post-World War II world and questioned the adequacy of existing international rules and norms.

A new reality is unfolding before us. Global geopolitical entities are redefining their purpose, while smaller ones, bound by geography, culture, or economic interests, are striving to coalesce. 

Developed democracies that once claimed a moral high ground can no longer rely on just that and must reassess their global competitiveness in terms of GDPs and supply chains and, most importantly, in the realm of ideas. Ideas that will take the world forward.  

The Henry Jackson Society has always stood by the values of defending human rights, promoting democracy, and championing freedom across the globe. Today, we need this thought leadership more than ever. I am therefore privileged to assume the role of Managing Director of The Henry Jackson Society, where, alongside my like-minded colleagues, we will endeavour to grasp the vast changes unfolding before us and develop practical, realistic, and innovative solutions to them, to open the new horizons of the emerging world.“


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