Actions speak louder than words

Taking to Twitter yesterday US Vice-President Kamala Harris was keen to boast her unwavering support for Iranians by announcing that the United States would seek “to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.” She then added, “Given Iran’s brutal crackdown on women and girls protesting peacefully for their rights, Iran is unfit to serve on this Commission. To the protestors: we see you and we hear you.”

The notion that the Islamic Republic of Iran could be asked to partake, never mind sit on at the UN Commission on the Status of Women is odious enough, but to argue that its removal constitutes a win for Iranians – courtesy of VP Harris is simply Orwellian.

Also, I would caution on the use of the expression “We see you and we hear you”. I recall how General Charles de Gaulle, then the President of France told the French that he had in fact ‘heard them’ in relation to Algeria and their determination to keep Algeria within the borders of France, only a few months later to sign its independence.

To see and to hear Iranians will require more than just a few empty gestures. Millions of Iranians continue to suffer obscene brutality by the hands of the regime – which regime the US was only keen to invite and protect whilst in New York during the UN General Assembly.


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