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MPs fear resurgent Russia will pose threat to Arctic stability

Britain must beef up its defences in the Arctic to stave off the growing threat of Vladimir Putin’s military in the region, MPs warn

European nations – not Trump – are undermining NATO

Nato is in better shape than ever — if it can survive Trump

Towards “Onshore Bonding”: A British Geostrategy for Mainland Europe

More money on defence post-Brexit is a vital national investment

Here’s how Brexit Britain can remind the rest of Europe how much it does to uphold peace

Putin flexes muscles with plans for new African base – with chilling echoes of Suez

Power-mad Putin ‘plotting to build naval base in east Africa near key Suez trade route in muscle flexing with West’

Defence secretary ‘horrified’ at military cost-cutting plans that would leave the smallest British army since Napoleonic wars


‘Boost our troops’: Calls for Theresa May to build BIGGER army to underpin EURO security


MAPPED: The states shortchanging NATO by BILLIONS – with UK propping up EU security


Report: UK ‘Foots the Bill’ for European Defence, EU has Shortchanged NATO by £338 Billion


UK BAIL OUT: Britain propped up Europe’s defence after other EU states short-changed Nato by £338 billion


UK props up EU’s defence with £17bn as Germany, Italy and France fail to meet NATO targets


‘They OWE Britain’: EU blasted for portraying UK as ‘pariah state’ to mask its own failures


Beware Prime Minister, the Conservative Party will not tolerate further defence cuts


Brexit Britain can chart a new global destiny by spending more on defence


Report argues Britain must ‘invest more in the tools required’ to remain a global power


Post-Brexit Britain MUST boost defence spending to counter new threats, think tank warns


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