Defence Committee is clear that Britain should boost spending on our Armed Forces


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The Henry Jackson Society today commented on the publication of the Defence Select Committee’s report Indispensable Allies: US, NATO and UK Defence Relations.

The Society gave oral and written evidence to the inquiry and is cited in the final report as arguing that the UK-US relationship could become more interdependent as the international environment worsens.

James Rogers, Director of the Global Britain Programme at the Henry Jackson Society and the author of the Society’s evidence to the Committee, said:

“The Defence Committee has reminded government in no uncertain terms that our relationship with the United States depends on the UK’s ability and willingness to play its role in defending the rules-based international order.

“To do that, we require robust armed forces.

“Given shifting American priorities, China’s rise and Russia’s aggression, the Committee’s clear and correct recommendation is that Britain should increase defence spending closer to 3% of GDP.”


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