Broadcast: Broadcast

Alan Mendoza appears on Newsmax TV’s ‘Behind the Curtain’

Tom Wilson appears on BBC The Big Questions

Nikita Malik discusses children living in conflict zones with Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News

Dr John Hemmings speaks to CTV about North and South Korea relations

Nikita Malik discusses the British “Beatles” Jihadists on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC 5Live

Nikita Malik speaks to BBC World Global on the Government’s new anti-terror software

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss North Korea

Dr John Hemmings spoke to TRT World about Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee’s prison sentence suspension

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to BBC World about North-South Korea relations

Dr Julia Rushchenko speaks to France24 about the trial of Salah Abdeslam

Nikita Malik speaks to LBC Radio about the sentencing of Darren Osborne and far-right extremism

Dr. Julia Rushchenko on Radio Monocle 24 discussing the selling of European citizenship

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Fox Business on whether Trump will improve trade relations with Britain

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on BBC Big Question, 21st January 2018

Dr John Hemmings speaks to CTV on the eve of the summit on North Korea

Timothy Stafford speaks to BBC Radio Wales about US-UK Relations

Dr Alan Mendoza talks to BBC 5Live about Donald Trump’s cancelled visit to the UK

Dr John Hemmings discusses North-South Korea relations on talkRadio

Emma Fox appears on talkRadio with Mike Graham to discuss free speech on campus


Dr Alan Mendoza on Fox News with Tucker Carlson


Dr John Hemmings speaks to CTV about US diplomacy towards North Korea


Dr Julia Rushchenko discussing security in the UK after the London Bridge attack on BBC Persian


Tom Wilson speaks to TRT World about the Burkini ban in Geneva


Tom Wilson discusses Jerusalem on BBC World News


Tom Wilson discusses returning IS fighters on LBC Radio


Dr Alan Mendoza on BBC Five Live discussing Boris Johnson’s comments on the Middle East


Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem on BBC Daily Politics


Dr. John Hemmings discusses North Korea with Arms Control Wonk Podcast


Dr John Hemmings discusses North Korea’s latest missile launch & Trudeau’s China trip on CTV


Dr John Hemmings appears on BBC News to discuss the latest North Korea missile test


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