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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable SectorWolves in Sheep's Clothing

The British taxpayer has handed over more than £6 million to charities that are currently, or have been in the past, used by extremists to further their radical agenda, according to this report.

The report’s case studies are illustrative – so £6 million is likely the tip of the iceberg. The report finds that, despite more than a decade of attempts to improve regulations, a concerning number of UK-registered charities continue to fund and support extremism.

Language: English
Pages: 42
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Terror Overseas: Understanding The GCC Counter Extremism and Counter Terrorism TrendsTerror Overseas

This report argues that Britain must go beyond intelligence and information sharing by creating more joint initiatives with the private sector and civil society in the states of the Gulf Co-operation Council. A step change of this kind would achieve better outcomes against terrorism, as well as strengthening Britain’s global influence as she leaves the European Union.

Language: English
Pages: 42
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“Tolerating the Intolerant”: A Report on ‘Students not Suspects’Tolerating the Intolerant

A new report launched by Student Rights, a project of The Henry Jackson Society, has found that the Government and UK universities are consistently failing to do enough to combat extremism on campus. The National Union of Students (NUS) campaign ‘Students Not Suspects’ exacerbates, and even facilitates, this problem. The report calls for renewed efforts in preventing extremism and radicalisation, which continue to pose significant threats in higher education.

Language: English
Pages: 47
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Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed ForcesGB Report

A new policy paper by the Henry Jackson Society – “Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed Forces” – finds that in order for Britain to position itself as a truly ‘Global’ nation and as uncertainty intensifies across the world; the UK must invest more in the tools that ensure it can protect itself and prevent conflict. The report finds that as the geopolitical situation in Europe and Globally becomes more unreliable, the paper recommends the Government increase military budget equivalent to 3% of UK GDP over the next five years.

Language: English
Pages: 31
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Mend: “Islamists masquerading as civil libertarians”MEND Report

A new Henry Jackson Society report has warned that the public sector organisations and elected officials are partnering with the extremist-linked group Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend). Compiling years’ worth of evidence, the report, Mend: “Islamists Masquerading As Civil Libertarians”, demonstrates how Mend meets the government’s own definition of extremism, even while local authorities, police, teachers and MPs have been working with this organisation.

Language: English
Pages: 87
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Converts to Islam and Homegrown JihadismConverts

Security officials and those leading counter-extremism efforts must place greater emphasis on the dangers posed by recent converts to Islam, according to a new report published today. “Converts to Islam and Home Grown Jihadism” analyses the ways in which the process of religious conversion intersects with radicalisation.

Language: English
Pages: 45
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ISIS Khorasan: Presence and Potential in the Afghanistan-Pakistan RegionISIS Kh

This report highlights the growing significance of the Islamic State in the Khorasan Province, or ISKP. It also assesses the impact the group’s rise is likely to have on the trajectory of violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in turn, the long term prospects for peace and security in South Asia.

Language: English
Pages: 27
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Trafficking Terror: How Modern Slavery and Sexual Violence Fund TerrorismTrafficking Terror Report

Terrorists are using sexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, and forced marriage, to bolster recruits, galvanize fighters, and, in the case of Islamist groups, punish kuffar (disbelievers). These are just part of our shocking report.  The findings and calls for action within the report have been welcomed by many MPs and the government’s former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation.

Language: English
Pages: 85
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Towards “Global Britain”: Challenging the New Narratives of National Decline

Is Britain in decline? Following the EU referendum, you could be forgiven for thinking so. Commentators seem gripped by the idea that the country is heading towards national GB Reportdecline. This is simply not the case. New research from The Henry Jackson Society clearly demonstrates that the UK is well positioned to thrive post-Brexit. “Towards a ‘Global Britain’: Challenging the new narratives of national decline” takes aim at declinist narratives. The report sets out why the U.K. has strengths across a range of areas that will empower it in the years ahead, including in its economy, military and culture.

Language: English
Pages: 40
Price: (Inc. UK P&P) £10.99

Audit of Geopolitical Capability: A Comparison of Eight Major PowersGeoPol GB

The UK is the most geopolitically capable country in Europe, and comes second only to the United States globally, according to a major new report by The Henry Jackson Society. The “Audit of Geopolitical Capability” rigorously evaluated Britain’s standing using thirty-five indicators, and compared the results to seven other major powers – China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia and the United States. The categories analysed included economics, technological prowess, military strength and cultural prestige.

Language: English
Pages: 48
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Safeguarding our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National InfrastructureChinese Investment

“Safeguarding our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National Infrastructure”, described by Sir Malcolm Rifkind as “authoritative and spot on”, analyses how large Chinese buy-outs of strategic assets are driving a debate among Western allies on the need to balance economic growth with national security. The report findings include China’s investment into Western advanced economies – including that of the UK – is increasing and changing in scope. It has moved away from commodities in developing economies and moved to targeting key high-tech sectors and critical national infrastructure.

Language: English
Pages: 54
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Spotting the Signs: Identifying Vulnerability to Radicalisation Among StudentsSpotting The Signs Identifying Vulnerability To Radicalisation Among Students

A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Spotting The Signs: Identifying Vulnerability To Radicalisation Among Students, investigates students who have travelled from the United Kingdom to join terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq. Those who have fought or trained abroad have been disproportionately involved in the most serious Islamist terrorist offences in the UK. Many individuals who have travelled had recent connections to higher education.

Language: English
Pages: 94
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Foreign Attacks By The Islamic State, 2002-2016 

Foreign Terrorist Attacks by IS

A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Foreign Terrorist Attacks By The Islamic State, 2002-2016, documents 152 incidents of terrorism or attempted terrorism conducted in the name of the Islamic State and its predecessors, and assesses how directly the attacks were linked to the group.

Language: English
Pages: 56
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Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law

Romania Rule of LawA new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law, has found that Romanian politicians are engaged in political score-settling and serious violations of human rights which are dressed up as anti-corruption efforts. The report warns that practices which show considerable continuity with the communist era are taking place.

Language: English
Pages: 28
Price: (Inc. UK P&P) £13.00

Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK (1998-2015)Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.42.38 PM

Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK (1998-2015), a new research project from The Henry Jackson Society, presents the most comprehensive ever overview of the threat from Islamism-inspired terrorism in the United Kingdom.

Islamist terrorism remains the principal terrorism threat to both the UK and British interests overseas. At the start of 2017, terrorism directed, approved or inspired by Islamic State posed the predominant threat to national security, while al-Qaeda and affiliate groups continue to aspire to attack Western interests. For more than two decades, militant Islamist groups have successfully recruited UK-based individuals for terrorist facilitation and training overseas, as well as directed or inspired involvement in terrorism at home.

The report identifies and profiles all Islamism-inspired terrorism convictions and suicide attacks in the UK between 1998 and 2015 in order to provide detailed information and statistical analysis on the manifestation and development of the threat to British national security. Statistics include offenders’ background information, types of offences, roles and targets as well as the prevalence of links to terrorist networks and travel for terrorist purposes, including training and combat experience.

Language: English
Pages: 1024
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Price: (Inc. International P&P) £96

Religious Diversity in British Parliamentary Constituencies

Religious Diversity in British Parliamentary Constituencies [low res]Religious Diversity in British Parliamentary Constituencies, the most comprehensive study of its kind, matches political data from the 2010 parliamentary elections against census data on the UK’s religious make-up. It finds that while Great Britain’s parliamentary constituencies remain overwhelmingly Christian, minority religions have a potential influence on politics that far exceeds their relative size of the population.

Language: English
Pages: 28
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The British Moment, by The Henry Jackson Society

The British Moment is the foreign policy manifesto of the Henry Jackson Society. The British Moment calls for a new way of thinking about British foreign policy in the twenty-first century and argues that the time is rife for Britain to play a leading and progressive role in promoting democracy and human rights across the globe. The British Moment‘s authors argue it is time for Britain to reclaim the noble tradition of liberal interventionism.

Language: English
Pages: 94
Price: £14.95

Islamist Terrorism 2nd Ed, By R. Simcox, H. Stuart, H. Ahmed and D. Murray

Al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda inspired terrorism is the biggest threat to the UK’s national security. The report profiles nearly 140 Islamism-inspired terrorist convictions and attacks in the UK, spanning 1999 to 2010. The data is statistically analysed to show existing trends among radical Islamists. This report also shows how Britain’s links to Islamism-inspired terrorism are almost two decades old, profiling over 100 other incidents committed abroad since 1993 connected to Britain.

Language: English
Pages: 576
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