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Emma Webb

Emma Webb


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Emma Webb is a Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism.

Emma specialises in European Islamist terror networks and counter-extremism. Her research has focused on non-violent and violent extremism in the UK and Europe, and counter-extremism within educational institutions.

Emma has spoken on international broadcast media on issues relating to the threat level facing the UK, recent terror attacks in Europe and radicalisation, and has written for the Spectator, the Independent and the Telegraph.

Before joining the Henry Jackson Society, Emma was an associate researcher and co-director of Children’s Charter, focusing on safeguarding in education.

She has a BA in Theological and Religious studies from Trinity College, Cambridge and an MA (distinction) from Kings College London.

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Media Experience: BBC, Sky, LBC, Published in The Spectator and The Independent

Expertise: Pan-European Islamist terror networks, in particular in France and Belgium; religious identity in law and society.