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Category Archives: Middle East

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December 4, 2017

Securing British Interests in the Gulf Crisis

The decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt to impose a boycott on Qatar this summer was an out-of-character development for the Gulf, where all too much politics is conducted behind closed doors between the ruling …

Posted in Middle East, Opinion Editorial, Qatar, The Orton Report
November 30, 2017

Qatar’s links to global terror groups remain deep, new report finds

Qatar’s financial and intelligence links to global terror groups and Islamist extremists remain deep and continuing, according to a landmark report by the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).
In a new publication it recommends a four-point plan of action …

Posted in News Coverage, Qatar

New international report reveals Qatar ties with terrorism still deep

Qatar’s ties with terrorism are continuing, according to a report by the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society.
The group suggests a four-point plan of action to the British government in order to push to Qatar to change its behavior.
The new …

Posted in News Coverage, Qatar
November 29, 2017

Can Abadi reel in the Hashd al-Shaabi before May elections?

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that leaders of the paramilitaries that make up the Shiite-majority Hashd al-Shaabi will not be allowed participate in the May elections unless they disband, indicating that he intends to exert complete state control …

Posted in Iraq, News Coverage
November 21, 2017

Reaching its limits in Syria, what is the next move for the SDF?

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian regime have captured the strategic eastern city of Deir Ezzor from Daesh. Not only does this signify the loss of Daesh’s final urban stronghold in Syria, it also means that the SDF …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Syria

Syria opposition in Riyadh aims to form united front

Baghdad, Iraq – Syria peace talks have become a parallel saga to the suffering and violence that continues in the country, where 6.3 million people remain internally displaced, and more than 470,000 have lost their lives in more than seven years of fighting.
The issues surrounding …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Syria
November 10, 2017

Kyle Orton discusses the War in Syria and Assad on France 24

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Syria
October 27, 2017

Saudi Arabia’s call for international coalition against Hezbollah faces obstacles

Saudi Arabia appears to be trying to take the confrontation with Hezbollah to a whole new level by calling for an international coalition against the Lebanese movement.
In a tweet Oct. 8, Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan wrote, “The solution …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Saudi Arabia
October 24, 2017

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia will ‘return to moderate Islam and destroy extremism’, Crown Prince declares as he launches overhaul of economy away from reliance on oil

Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince on Tuesday vowed to restore ‘moderate, open’ Islam, breaking with ultra-conservative clerics in favour of an image catering to foreign investors and Saudi youth.
‘We are returning to what we were before – a country of …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Saudi Arabia
October 23, 2017

Kyle Orton discusses US-Iran Relations and Iraq on France 24

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Iran, Iraq
October 18, 2017

Saudi scholars to vet teaching of prophet Muhammad to curb extremism

Saudi authorities have taken an “unprecedented” step to tackle Islamic extremism by setting up a council of scholars to vet religious teachings around the world.
A royal order issued this week by King Salman established a global body of elite scholars …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Saudi Arabia
August 21, 2017

Saudi’s Approach to Counter-Extremism: Can the Country Afford to Continue Neglect Women’s Rights?

By Najah Alotaibi
Two recent events have brought Saudi Arabia’s record on women’s rights into sharp relief. First, Saudi police arrested a young model for wearing an apparently “indecent” outfit while filming a shoot at a cultural site. Her crime? Failing to …

Posted in CRT Editorial, Opinion Editorial, Saudi Arabia
August 17, 2017

The Forgotten Fighters: The PKK in Syria

A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, “The Forgotten Foreign Fighters: The PKK in Syria”, has highlighted the urgent need for the government to prevent British citizens joining a violent organisation with a record of war crimes.
We report on how …

Posted in Publication, Spotlight, Syria, The Orton Report, Turkey
August 16, 2017

Turkey’s Role in Syria

The Turkish government has gotten more and more deeply involved in Syria since the uprising began in 2011. But Turkey now finds its original aim, namely the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, unattainable, creating tensions with the Syrian armed opposition, …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Syria, The Orton Report, Turkey
August 11, 2017

Does Qatar Support Extremism? Yes. And So Does Saudi Arabia.

By Tom Wilson
The spat between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which is accusing Qatar of supporting Islamist extremism and terrorism, remains perplexing. Perplexing not because Qatar is innocent — it has sponsored and hosted far too many jihadists for anyone to …

Posted in CRT Press Release, News Coverage, Opinion Editorial, Saudi Arabia | Tagged , ,
July 21, 2017

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Working

By Timothy Stafford

In a legally required letter to Speaker Paul Ryan on April 18, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed that Iran is in compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The next day, he told reporters …

Posted in Iran, Opinion Editorial | Tagged , ,
July 19, 2017

How do you solve a problem like Al Jazeera?

By Najah Alotaibi
The idea of a TV channel being forced to close by the collective weight of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries seems abhorrent to any liberal supporter of a free media at first sight. But is there any …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Qatar
July 17, 2017

The Iran deal has been in place for two years, but it’s still not working

By Timothy Stafford
In 2015 the then Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the House of Commons that the agreement the UK and other world powers had reached with Iran meant that “the world can be reassured that all Iranian routes to …

Posted in Iran, News Coverage, Nuclear Weapons, Opinion Editorial
July 13, 2017

Beyond Compliance: Iran and the JCPOA

Iran’s destabilising actions since 2015 have undermined any hope that the country has changed course. That’s the conclusion of“Beyond Compliance: Iran and the JCPOA”, a new report by The Henry Jackson Society to coincide with the two-year anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan …

Posted in Iran, Nuclear Weapons, Publication
July 5, 2017

Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK

A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, “Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK”, has highlighted the need for a public inquiry into the foreign-based funding of Islamist extremism.
We report on a growing body of evidence on the considerable …

Posted in CRT Report, CRT Research, Extremism, Middle East, Publication, Spotlight
March 25, 2017

Saudi Arabia’s web of hate is spreading one of the worst forms of Islam – and this is where it leads

This article originally appeared in The Sun
Its roots lie in the Middle East and its web of hate spreads across the globe. But it is also here in Britain — and growing.
Since Wednesday’s carnage we have learned that 52-year-old Khalid …

Posted in Extremism, Middle East, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism, Saudi Arabia
March 24, 2017

Even if Isis is defeated in Syria and Iraq, its foreign reach has taken on a life of its own

This article originally appeared in the International Business Times 
Just after 2:30pm yesterday afternoon, a terrorist mowed down pedestrians with a car on Westminster Bridge before jumping out near Parliament and stabbing a police officer to death. Three people were murdered, …

Posted in Iraq, ISIS, Middle East, Opinion Editorial, Syria, Terrorism & Security
March 2, 2017

Event Summary: ‘Forbidden Aid: The Case of Israeli Humanitarian Diplomacy in Syria’

By Sam Freedman
On Wednesday 1st March the Henry Jackson Society welcomed Dr Nir Boms, Research Fellow at the International Centre for Counter Terrorism, and Issam Zeitoun, an Independent Syrian Opposition figure. Dr Nir Boms started by outlining the current state …

Posted in Event Summaries, Israel, Middle East, Syria
March 1, 2017

Event: ‘Forbidden Aid: The Case of Israeli Humanitarian Diplomacy in Syria’

TIME: 15:00 – 16:00, 1st March 2017
Dr Nir Boms
Research Fellow, International Centre for Counter Terrorism
Issam Zeitoun
Independent Syrian Oppositionist
For a transcript of this event click here
In the past five years, Israel has managed an extraordinary effort that has provided over 12,000 tons of humanitarian aid …

Posted in Event, Israel, Syria, Upcoming Event, Upcoming Events
February 15, 2017

Event Transcript: ‘Israel and Palestine: After Obama, Waiting for Trump’

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Posted in Event Transcript, Israel, Palestine
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