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Alan Mendoza

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Alan Mendoza

Alan Mendoza is a Founder and Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society.

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February 5, 2015

Dr Alan Mendoza debates Britain’s campaign against Islamic State on Sky News

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Defence, Extremism, ISIS, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
January 8, 2015

Alan Mendoza examines Charlie Hebdo attack on CNBC

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Extremism, France, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security
January 7, 2015

Can cash-strapped Europe prevent terrorism surge?

Originally posted in CNBC Online 
“All the advances that have been made in counter-terrorism in Western countries over the last few years have been primarily intelligence-led rather than harsh policing responses, however, the difficulty is resources,” David Lea, Western European Analyst …

Posted in Extremism, France, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security
December 14, 2014

Britain should stay put, it’s Europe that should walk

Originally published in The Sunday Times
Now the union with Scotland is safe, for now, Her Majesty’s government will be turning its attention to that other imperilled union, Europe. At present the debate is focused on how the EU can be …

Posted in Europe, Opinion Editorial, Spotlight, United Kingdom
December 10, 2014

Event Summary: ‘How Would You Like to Die? Story of a Kidnapping in Syria’

Listen to the full event here
Link to the full transcript
This is a summary of an event with Susan Dabbous, chaired by Brooks Newmark MP, on 10th December 2014; it reflects the views expressed by the speaker and not those of …

Posted in Event Summaries, Extremism, Islamism, Syria
October 27, 2014

Dr Alan Mendoza interviewed in Al Jazeera’s “War on Terror” documentary

Posted in 9/11, Broadcast Appearances, CRT News Coverage, Defence, Extremism, ISIS, Islamism, Middle East, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq
September 5, 2014

Dr. Alan Mendoza on Sky News discussing NATO Summit Wales

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Defence, United Kingdom
September 4, 2014

The best weapon against hate? Reasoned debate

Originally published in the Jewish Chronicle
‘Merely uttering the phrase “think tank” makes many people’s eyes glaze over, prompting thoughts of policy wonks churning out weighty tomes on tackling global warming or handling inflation.
But when the organisation in question is dedicated …

Posted in Democracy & Development, News Coverage, United Kingdom
September 1, 2014

Dr Alan Mendoza on Sky News discussing returning jihadists

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, CRT News Coverage, ISIS, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
August 31, 2014

Dr Alan Mendoza examines Putin’s tactics on BBC News

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Democracy & Development, Russia, The Square, Ukraine
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