Parsons Green blast underscores continuing terrorist threat


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At 8:30 this morning, police responded to an explosion aboard a London Underground train at Parsons Green station.

Multiple people have been injured, in what Counter Terrorism Command (S015) is now investigating as an act of terrorism.

It is too early to know the exact nature of this incident or who may be responsible. However, this incident underscores the enduring threat terrorists pose to the UK, and London in particular, which has suffered two major attacks this year, with attacks against Westminster Bridge and London Bridge.

The Henry Jackson Society’s Executive Director Dr Alan Mendoza said:

“An early morning attack against commuters using underground systems is a hallmark of terrorist groups.

“The scale of this incident – small yet significant – is in keeping with the trend we have witnessed a crossed Europe as a whole, which has seen radicalised individuals using whatever means available to mount attacks.”


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