Ecuador justified in preventing Julian Assange’s attempts to subvert US democracy with stolen material


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The restrictions placed by the Ecuadorian Embassy on Julian Assange’s internet access are entirely reasonable because of his repeated willingness to distribute stolen material.

Mr Assange has a long track record of stealing and distributing information, peddling conspiracy theories, and casting aspersions on the moral standing of western democratic governments. He has done this whilst supporting, and being supported by, autocratic regimes. It should therefore come as no surprise that Mr Assange has shown a desire to engage in such activities within the context of the U.S. Election.

Douglas Murray, Associate Director of The Henry Jackson Society, was an early critic of Mr Assange’s views, challenging him directly on his anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, and the assistance his work has provided to those seeking to undermine Western security.

Mr Murray said: “As Mr Assange enjoys Ecuadorian hospitality, thereby avoiding numerous accusations from women and the US Government, he cannot reasonably object to temporary restrictions on his distribution of stolen goods.”


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