Early withdrawal from Afghanistan has made US talks with the Taliban a necessity


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Direct peace talks between the US and the Taliban are an unwelcome necessity if democracy is to take root in Afghanistan, analysts from the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) have said.

Today White House officials have confirmed delegates will meet Taliban leaders in Doha in the next few days, hours after President Karzai revealed NATO had handed responsibility for nationwide security in Afghanistan back to Afghan forces.

Reacting to the news, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society Dr Alan Mendoza said negotiations with the Taliban had become essential as a result of the premature withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan.

Dr Alan Mendoza said: “These talks have become inevitable, given the speed with which Western forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan.

“In reality we should have stayed for as long as it took to get the job done properly. As it is, if we are to ensure security in the region, and in order that democracy in Afghanistan continues to flourish, we must now engage with all elements of Afghan society.”


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