Britain must support its allies with military muscle


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Air strikes provide opportunity to lift shame of UK’s Syria debacle

The United States’ air strikes have shown much needed leadership and arrested the Islamic State’s advance. The United Kingdom must now join its Western partner in protecting the people of Iraq.

To save the Yazidis and protect other members of Iraqi society – in particular the Kurds whose strategic positions are being shelled by better equipped IS fighters – it is clear that military action had to be taken. The United States’ air strikes have already seen positive results.

The United Kingdom is also taking laudable action in dropping aid packages. However, aid does not go far enough. Military force must be used to contain the genocidal threat posed by IS. It is imperative for the UK to show its commitment to a balanced alliance with our American allies in which we share an appropriate burden of responsibility.

The UK must therefore swiftly approve the use of military force in line with American operations. At a minimum this will involve air strikes and reconnaissance to halt the IS advance. But an increased supply of weaponry and further strikes to aid a more inclusive Iraqi government must not be ruled out if we are to remove its threat entirely.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Director of The Henry Jackson Society, commented:

“Britain must stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA in the face of the threat posed by Islamic State to our universal values.

“If the words ‘never again’ are to have any meaning, then we must be prepared to stop acts of genocide using our military power. And British intervention here will restore the moral and strategic clarity so damaged by our dismal failure to do similar in Syria.”


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