What China could expect from a global Britain

America Needs a Clear Strategy to Counter China’s Expansion in the South China Sea

FIFTY foreign takeovers to be blocked a year: Ministers set to ramp up their control over ownership of UK firms

Our companies have been wide open to foreign espionage for too long – now that is changing


White Paper will be a tool in the armoury against powers looking to buy or steal UK’s sensitive technology

Japan–Australia security cooperation in the bilateral and multilateral contexts

‘They will try to stiff us’: Britain waking up to Chinese threat amid fog of Brexit

Trump just opened a new Embassy in Taipei. We should all be doing the same

China, the powerhouse of the East’s, relentless rise by ‘bribing, spending and stealing’ – are we in the midst of a new Cold War?

Chinese strategy in full force in Australia

Dr John Hemmings speaks to BBC News on US-China trade tariffs

India’s Ambiguity and the Chinese Threat

Kim and Moon’s meeting was ‘historic’ – but what will its ramifications be? An expert explains

The New Great Game in the Indo-Pacific

China tariffs could undermine US-North Korea progress

Dr John Hemmings discusses diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula on CTV

China and North Korea Just Sent a Very Clear Message to Donald Trump

Against all odds, is Trump about to solve the North Korea nuclear crisis?

Did Kim Jong-un just make a flying visit to Beijing?

The myth of Chinese containment

Brexit Britain should be wary of striking quick trade deals with China, Indian CEO says

China is tightening its high-tech tyranny. Theresa May should not be rushing to please it

China finding it tough to pick up bargains in US ‘mega-mall’

Jeremy Corbyn BELITTLES the US as not most important ally – backing EU and China for trade


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