Dr Bahram Ghiassee

Associate Fellow, Centre for the New Middle East

Dr Bahram Ghiassee is an Associate Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society. He is a London-based Nuclear Analyst, and a visiting academic in the Physics Department, University of Surrey, where he teaches on nuclear-related postgraduate programmes and supervises dissertation projects.

Bahram’s research, teaching, and publications encompass the technical and legal aspects of nuclear and radiological security; nuclear and radiological terrorism; nuclear non-proliferation; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) threats; and environmental radioactivity.

Developments in the nuclear sphere in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including Iran’s nuclear programme, are of particular interest to Bahram, and the subject of his commentaries on media networks.

Bahram is, inter alia, a member of the International Nuclear Law Association (Brussels), and the International Nuclear Security Forum (Washington, DC). He is also a chartered member of the UK Nuclear Institute, and recipient of the Institute’s prestigious Pinkerton Prize (2011).

Bahram holds academic qualifications in Chemical Engineering (BS, UoWashington); Nuclear Science & Tech (MSc, DIC, PhD, Imperial College London); MBA (City, UoLondon); and Public International Law (LLB, LLM, UoLondon).


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