In Scotland’s Defence? An Assessment of SNP Defence Strategy

George Grant

Associate Fellow George Grant delivers a comprehensive 128-page report on the Scottish National Party (SNP)’s proposals for how they would defend an independent Scotland. The report covers six main areas including foreign policy and risks to national security; joining NATO; establishing a Scottish Defence Force; removing the Trident nuclear deterrent from Scotland; intelligence and cyber security; and the future of the Scottish defence industry.

At the heart of the problem with the SNP’s proposals is a simple and deeply problematic calculation: their defence strategy is more concerned with helping win the 2014 referendum in favour of Scottish independence than it is with actually defending Scotland.

To read the full report, click here

To read George Grant’s rebuttal to the SNP’s criticisms of his report, click here

To read George Grant’s evidence to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee following the publication of his report, click here


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