UK support for Lebanon border security essential to reduce risk of future conflict


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The UK’s support for Lebanon in securing its border with Syria is crucial to reducing the risk of future conflict and countering the strength of Iranian proxy forces in the Middle East, The Henry Jackson Society said today.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson today announced that the Lebanese Armed Forces will be supported with equipment to allow more secure communications between troops and their headquarters. Mr Johnson reiterated the UK’s commitment to border defence and security in the area.

Tom Wilson, Research Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism at The Henry Jackson Society, said:

“This is a welcome and much-needed investment on the part of the UK.

“Preventing the build-up and flow of weapons from Syria into Lebanon is essential if we are to reduce the risk of armed conflict in the future. Anyone with an interest in the stability of the region should be concerned about the growing strength of Iranian proxies, particularly Hezbollah.”


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