Syria vote a humiliation for UK and a disturbing signal to dictators


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The failure of the British Government to approve intervention in Syria has tonight exposed Britain’s weakness as a serious player on the world stage and damaged its ability to hold war criminals, dictators and aggressors to account, the Henry Jackson Society has said.

The HJS, which believes Western intervention in the Syrian crisis is the only way to level the balance of power and force President Assad to the negotiating table, has condemned the result of tonight’s vote and said it not only sends a very strong message to dictators that they can act with impunity, but will potentially destroy Britain’s reputation as a major global power if left unchallenged.

Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, Dr Alan Mendoza, said: “If not reversed, this vote means the UK will ultimately join the rank of third rate nations, condemned to be the prisoner of events and with no power to shape them.

“The British Parliament has told the Prime Minister that he is unable to even raise the issue of deterring aggressors, challenging dictators or holding human rights abusers – and those who possess weapons of mass destruction – to account. We have essentially said ‘game on’ to a war criminal, giving him a green light to use appalling chemical weapons against his own people with impunity.

“This is a shameful result which will not be readily forgotten by our US allies, who will press ahead with their own plans to hold Assad to account. I would also expect France to take full advantage of British disarray to press home the fact it stands shoulder to should with the US on this issue.

“We can be certain that more atrocities and potential game-changing events will follow in Syria, and when they do, Parliament will have cause to rue its hastiness tonight.”


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