Hostilities in Syria will resume unless Russia abandons its cynical power politics in propping up Assad’s failed regime


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As world powers agree a pause in the Syrian war to begin next week, The Henry Jackson Society welcomes a ceasefire – but is underlying the need for political progress including curbing Russian aggression and the removal of President Assad to ensure a lasting peace.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of HJS says: “We should welcome a cessation of hostilities to allow for humanitarian aid to flow. But this must be the first such occurrence in history where one party to the agreement, Russia, says it will continue airstrikes against ‘terrorist’ targets – a definition that has in the past included any enemy of its Syrian puppet Assad, not just Radical Islamist groups.

“If Russia continues a pro-Assad airstrike policy then hostilities involving moderate forces will quickly resume. The underlying political settlement Syria needs in order to stabilise cannot be achieved with Assad still at the helm of a country he has helped destroy.”


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