HJS on Litvinenko Inquiry


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As the Litvinenko Inquiry concludes that the operation to kill the former KGB agent turned British citizen was “probably approved” by the Russian president Vladimir Putin, The Henry Jackson Society is calling for new sanctions against Moscow.

Dr Andrew Foxall, Director of the Russia Studies Centre, said: “The findings of Sir Robert Owen’s inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko come as no surprise. Ever since British security investigators realised that Mr Litvinenko had been poisoned with polonium-210 – a rare radioactive isotope made only at closed nuclear facilities controlled by Russia – during a meeting with Russian intelligence officers at a London hotel, the finger of suspicion has pointed towards Vladimir Putin.

“David Cameron will come under pressure to impose new sanctions against Russia, and rightfully so. Although such sanctions will further strain relations between London and Moscow, it is unthinkable that the Prime Minister would do anything else. Britain cannot allow Mr Putin and his cronies to escape censure over their involvement in Mr Litvinenko’s murder.”


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