Henry Jackson Society’s statement on Liz Truss’ victory

By Dr Alan Mendoza

Commenting on Liz Truss winning the Conservative leadership election, Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society said: “Liz Truss enters Downing Street confronted with some of the biggest challenges faced by any incoming Prime Minister; however, what has been clear from her leadership campaign is that she intends to be radical in facing down the nation’s problems.

“It is essential that our new Prime Minister takes this radical approach to international affairs and lead as boldly as she has done as Foreign Secretary. Alongside Boris Johnson she has demonstrated considerable leadership bringing sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. She must now show this same conviction when dealing with the many international issues which have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people across the country, first among which being the global energy crisis.

“Her strong stance on China is also to be welcomed. For years, the Henry Jackson Society has advocated for a reassessment of our relationship with China and a re-thinking of the current Foreign Office orthodoxy on dealing with the People’s Republic. Truss’ plan to brand China a ‘threat’ to UK security (putting it on a par with Russia) is precisely the type of bold strategy needed to show Britain as a powerful global actor.”



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