Disruption of King’s College event shows the growing level of intolerance towards free speech on campus


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The disruption by masked protestors of an event at King’s College London last night illustrates how there is a growing culture of intolerance towards free speech on Britain’s university campuses, the Henry Jackson Society has said.

According to reports, demonstrators forced their way into a building before setting off a fire alarm and smoke bombs and forcing the cancellation of the event, held by the KCL Libertarian Society.

Emma Fox, National Organiser of Student Rights at the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“The appalling scenes at KCL last night should put paid to any doubt that there is an encroaching culture of intolerance and hostility towards free speech on university campuses in Britain.

“Whilst the two speakers undoubtedly have controversial views, they should be met by the force of argument, not the argument of force.

“KCL have a lot of questions to answer about how these protestors were able to get past security and compromise this event. The university authorities clearly failed, both in their duty to students and their role as an institute dedicated to education and understanding.”


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