“Decisive and comprehensive military and diplomatic action” required in Syria to punish Assad and Putin’s complicity


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The Henry Jackson Society has called for decisive military and diplomatic action in response to the latest in a long list of war crimes committed by the Assad regime in collusion with Moscow.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, said:

“This latest horrific war crime by the Assad regime in Syria requires decisive and comprehensive military and diplomatic action by those committed to defending international norms of behaviour. Assad’s behaviour in both committing acts of mass murder and using chemical weapons is a challenge to the liberal international order. By allowing it to go unchecked for years, we have signalled our weakness to other dictators and authoritarians.

“It is no surprise Putin is complicit in Assad’s actions as Russia has been the main strategic beneficiary of our inaction, which has emboldened it to commit other atrocities. The Syrian conflict has long had strategic implications well beyond its borders. Punishing Assad and Putin is another opportunity for us to shape those rather than be their victims.”


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