Counter protests to be held throughout Egypt during Ramadan


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Further violence between pro and anti Muslim Brotherhood factions is expected to mark the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Planned confrontations between the two sides are expected to begin after Friday prayers on 12 July, and are most likely to take place in central (particularly Tahrir Square) and northeastern Cairo (the de facto base of the Muslim Brotherhood since the uprising form 30 June).

A growing number of fatalities should be expected – both from violence between the two movements and from attacks led by the army against Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Emily Dyer, Research Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, has just returned from Cairo last month and is in close contact with a wide network of sources on the ground. She said: “As predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood supporters are refusing to accept defeat and are expressing their anger, in many cases through violent attacks on the opposition.

“Several sources have confirmed a large number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been travelling into Cairo from in the past few days in order to take part in the planned protests over the weekend. However, the army will continue to take an increasingly heavy handed approach towards those who cause disturbance.”


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