Britain must invest in naval defences as part of new global role


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The Defence Select Committee has just released a report which warns that the UK is “woefully low” on warships. As Britain seeks a new role in the world it is imperative that naval capability is maintained.

Members of Parliament have said that they have serious concerns about the funding and timetable to replace the fleet. Given the rising threat from Russia, which recently engaged in the largest surface deployment since the Cold War, this is seriously dangerous. The Government has repeatedly insisted that the UK post-Brexit will be a global-facing and confident nation with a positive new role in the world. The maintenance of Britain’s capability to defend itself as a naval power is a prerequisite to this goal.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, said: “The report raises serious concerns about the viability of our naval response at a time of increasing tension with a maritime power like Russia which has sought to test our defences on repeated occasions already.

“The UK government has a golden opportunity with impending Brexit to reshape our military commitments to reflect the outward-facing, confident and powerful nation that we are. Defence spending on the Navy should be reconsidered in this regard as not only an essential component of this island’s national security, but also a statement of intent about the UK we desire to be in the new international order.”


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