Assad using starvation as a weapon of war


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Tom Wilson, a leading expert on Middle Eastern affairs and Fellow at The Henry Jackson Society has called for deep consideration into removing Assad from power in Syria after a deadline for aid to be delivered to conflict zones in the country was ignored by the Government.

Residents in the Darayya district of the capital Damascus have been without food aid since 2012, causing leaders of the UK, US and France to call on the UN to intervene.

Tom Wilson said: “For months now, Assad has been using starvation as a weapon war against his own people. The Syrian government’s failure to allow humanitarian aid into besieged areas necessitate aid drops as an essential last resort for assisting the civilian population.

“The current humanitarian crisis once again highlights that Assad’s regime cannot be a force for stability in Syria. As such, concrete action must be taken to remove him. Assad’s use of starvation, chemical weapons and the systematic targeting of civilians amount to an extensive list of war crimes and international law must now be enforced.

“Aid drops represent a desperately needed short term measure. But a long term solution for Syria must include removing Assad.”


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