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24 November: War on Women and How to Fight it Effectively

16 November: The Magnitsky Global Campaign and the War in Ukraine: The Future of Sanctions as a Peace Tool

14 November: Chechnya and Ichkeria – the Future of the Caucasian State

10 November: Conservativism: A Rediscovery. In Conversation with Dr Yoram Hazony

8 November: Flight MH17: Justice for the International Victims of Putin’s Aggression

31 October: Hindu-Muslim Civil Unrest in Leicester: “Hindutva” and the Creation of a False Narrative

26 October: Iran’s Foreign Proxy Network in the Middle East

19 October: Selling Ukrainian Heritage: Russian Involvement in the Illicit Trade of Ukrainian Past

12 October: Confucius Institutes: The CCP in British Universities

10 October: Lessons for Taiwan: Understanding Why Sanctions Failed to Deter Conflict in Ukraine

6 October: Navigating a New Course in the Eastern Mediterranean: A New Horizon for Energy Cooperation?

4 October: Securing UK Defence Procurement to Meet 21st Century Challenges from Present Threats

28 September: Eastern Mediterranean Hydrocarbon Diplomacy: A Solution for European Energy Security?

5 September: Is the UK Border Force Fit for Purpose? A Discussion with The Hon. Alexander Downer

30 August: A New Case for Containment in Iran – Moving Beyond the Status Quo

24 August: Winter is Coming

16 August: Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott – “Defending the Free World: Ukraine and Taiwan”

3 August: Providing a Safe Space: Britain and Ukrainian Refugees

25 July: Iran’s Axis of Resistance and its Effect On Western Geopolitical Interests

20 July: Reporting from a War Zone: Ukraine

18 July: Ukraine, Libya, Global Enduring Disorder and the Need for Western Hegemonic Ordering

18 July: Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Havrylov and Major-General Holmes in Conversation

14 July: In Discussion: Andrew Hastie MP – Shadow Defence Secretary of Australia

5 July: The Age of the Strongman: How the Cult of the Leader Threatens Democracy Around the World

29 June: Butler to the World. How Britain Became a Servant of Tycoons, Tax Dodgers, Kleptocrats and Criminals 

14 June: How the West Can Defend Against Russian Hybrid Warfare

9 June: France: What’s Next?

8 June: Is it Too Late for Justice in Syria?

30 May: The Ukraine Conflict: Where Are We At And Where Are We Headed?

26 May: The Prospective Foreign Policy of Sir Keir Starmer

23 May: Putin’s Russia: From Authoritarian Autocracy to Totalitarian Fascism?

9 May: How Has Russian WWII Memory Shaped the Invasion of Ukraine?

28 April: The Future of Afghanistan and Britain’s Role in It

25 April: Destabilising Bosnia-Herzegovina: Russian Hybrid Warfare and Greater Serbian Separatism

21 April: Russian Invasion of Ukraine – War Crimes Investigation

19 April: All Change: The Impact of Government Policy on Migration Composition and Social Cohesion

13 April: Should the UK Recognise the Armenian Genocide?

4 April: The UK Government’s Response to the Sewell Report on Race and Ethnic Disparities

24 March: Bringing Peace to the South Caucasus: Is There a Role for the UK?

23 March: NATO – Lessons learned from Kosovo

22 March: Towards Greater Western Resilience in Response to Russia-Ukraine

17 March: Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Should the West Do More?

15 March: Deterrence Diplomacy: Preventing Conflict in Our Own Backyard

11 March: Standing Up to Bullies: The Lessons from Australia

10 March: Women in Authoritarian Regimes

7 March: Religious Extremism: A Threat to Women’s Rights?

3 March: Ukraine: What’s Next?

2 March: The Wrong Side of History: In Conversation with Ed West

1 March: Trends in MENA Textbooks: Increasing Moderation and Remaining Radicalism

28 February: “Agonies of Empire. American Power from Clinton to Biden”. In Conversation with Michael Cox

23 February: Russian Nationalism and the Russian-Ukrainian War

22 February: After Texas: Islamist Antisemitism in Britain

9 February: Conspiracy Theories and Culture Wars on Campus: A Dangerous “New Normal”?

3 February: Biden and US Foreign Policy: One Year On

1 February: UK Holocaust Commemoration – Are We Doing Enough?

26 January: Ending Russia’s War Against Ukraine – How the West can Relaunch the Peace Process

25 January: Lessons Learned – The Holocaust and the Refugee Crisis

20 January: 80 Years Since Wannsee: An Alarm Call to Warn of Other Genocides?

19 January: Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Moscow’s Threat to European Security

11 January: The Age of Unpeace: In Conversation with Mark Leonard



20 December: Economic and Banking Reforms Towards Ukraine’s European Integration

13 December: Viral: The Search for the Origins of Covid-19

9 December: The City in Global Britain

7 December: 30 Years of Independence: Kazakhstan’s Past and Future

6 December: Poverty Trapped: A Discussion with John Penrose MP

2 December: Exposing the Kremlin Takeover: Increasing State Control in the Banking Sector

1 December: Who Can Free China?

29 November: Antisemitism in Football

24 November: Salafism – A Challenge to Social Cohesion in the UK

23 November: December, 1941: The World On the Brink – In Conversation with Professor Brendan Simms

22 November: Holodomor- A Communist Genocide?

18 November: Magnitsky Sanctions: What Next?

27 October: How Can We Fight Back Against Antisemitism on Campus?

26 October: Why Now? What Do China’s Actions Tell Us About Their New Foreign Policy?

21 October: From Maidan to Ukrainegate: In Discussion with Vladislav Davidzon

20 October: Integrating Newcomers: Refugee Policy in Modern-Day Britain

18 October: China’s Transnational Repression of Uyghurs

6 October: Creeping Sharia: An Affront to Equal Rights in the UK?

29 September: Babyn Yar: 80 Years Later

20 September: The International Rule of Law: The New Battleground

9 September: Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin’s Russia

17 August: Antisemitism in Europe

3 August: Countering ‘Caliphism’ in the UK: Towards Segregation or Integration?

2 August: Antisemitism Online: What Can be Done?

20 July: The Future for Press Freedom in Hong Kong

13 July: Westlessness and China After the G7

7 July: The Iranian Human Rights Crisis

1 July: Belarus: From Revolution to Resolution?

22 June: Among the Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain

14 June: The Future of Afghanistan

8 June: Is Russia a Threat to European Energy Security?

7 June: China and the Countdown to COP26

10 May: The Iran Nuclear Deal: Insecurity Across the Gulf

6 May: Refighting World War II: How the Kremlin co-opts War Memory

19 April: COVID, Politics and Post-Soviet Societies: StrategEast’s Westernisation Report 2021

12 April: Countering Russia’s Occupation: A New Crimea Platform

6 April: Leaving Islamism: In Conversation with a former Al-Qaeda Recruiter

30 March: Sunset to Sunrise: From the Age of Armour to the Digital Age

24 March: Disengagement and Deradicalization: A Critical Discussion

18 March: Cyber Security Insurance: Is Regulation the Answer?

16 March: Foreign Policy Under the Kennedys: Lessons for President Biden

10 March: Russian Influence and Intelligence in the Western Balkans

9 March: Championing Tibet in 2021: What Can Be Done?

8 March: Authoritarian Challenges to the Liberal World Order

4 March: Disinformation During COVID-19: The US-UK Experience

3 March: Does Myanmar Have a Democratic Future?

2 March: Russian Spies and the Diaspora: The Compatriots with Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov

1 March: Incarcerated and Indoctrinated: How to Tackle Extremism in Prisons

25 February: BLM: A Voice for Black Britons?

23 February: Thailand’s Struggle for Democracy: Was 2020 a Turning Point?

17 February: India: A Partner for Global Britain?

16 February: Putin Versus Navalny: How Should the UK Respond?

11 February: UK Maritime Policy: The Role of the Carrier Strike Group

10 February: Foreign Lobbying Laws: Options for Progress

21 January: Towards an Improved School System in England: Facing the Challenges of Inequality and Woke Culture

14 January: Russian ‘Black PR’: The Practice of Ruining Reputations



22 December: President Macron’s Response to Islamism and Jihadist Terror: Lessons for Other Nations

16 December: In Discussion with John Bolton

7 December: An Update on Ukraine and on UK-Ukraine Relations

5 November: Is the Left losing British Indians?

19 October: Xi Jinping and China’s Foreign Policy Priorities in 2021

7 October: The Indo-Pacific: British and Vietnamese Perspectives

29 September: What do China’s actions in Hong Kong spell for Taiwan?

20 September: Belarus on the Brink?

9 September: Black Lives Matter UK – A National Force For Good?

28 July: Decoupling from China: The Future of Trade?

24 July: Countering Russia’s Disinformation and Malign Influence

1 July: After COVID-19: Where is Britain’s Foreign Policy Going?

12 June: Prof. Niall Ferguson: In Conversation – How Coronavirus Will Change the World of International Relations

11 June: Weaponizing COVID-19: Far-Right Antisemitism in the UK and US

5 June: Hong Kong & China: Lessons for the Free World

4 June: Brian H. Hook and The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP: In Transatlantic Conversation on Iran

3 June: COVID-19 and Social Media – Meeting Challenges using Lessons Learned from Countering Terrorism

28 May: Ukraine: Coronavirus, Conflict and Corruption

26 May: Covid-19 and the Future of Geopolitical Faultlines in Europe

18 May: Public Attitudes Towards The UK Government’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

14 May: When the World Wasn’t Looking: How Authoritarian States Have Taken Advantage of the Covid-19 Crisis

11 May: Has China won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy

20 April: The Atlantic Alliance During a New Age of Great Power Competition

14 April: The Great Coming Apart Coronavirus and Its Impact on Our International Outlook

10 March: MH17 and the International Tribunal: Putting the Truth on Record

8 March: Under the Influence: Putting Peer Pressure to Work

6 March: The Dragons and the Snakes: How the Rest Learned to Fight the West

4 March: “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” with Bari Weiss

2 March: How to Argue with a Racist: History, Science, Race & Reality

27 February: Has India’ International Standing Hit a Roadblock?

25 February: Priorities for a Red Tory Administration

24 February: Core Assumptions and British Strategic Policy

19 February: 2020: President Trump Confronts Iran and Impeachment

11 February: HongKongFile: A Year in Review, and Where Next?

6 February: China and the West: Where the Confrontation Between the Two Worldviews May Take Us

4 February: Online Courts – a Case Study in the Digital Transformation of Public Services

31 January: Is War Declining: Why and Where?

28 January: The Chinese Model of Religious and Cultural Persecution

27 January: “America First”: A New Political Movement or Simply a Political Slogan?

23 January: Free to Be Extreme

22 January: Jonathan Hall QC: UK Terrorism Legislation

20 January: Norway-UK Naval Cooperation and Shared Interests in the North Atlantic and Polar Regions


18 December: The Outcome of the 2019 UK General Election

2 December: The Struggle for Democracy in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Sharp Power and its Discontents

19 November: Britain’s Neighbourhood: Europe 2030

14 November: Sergei Magnitsky and the Decade-long Campaign for Justice

7 November: Ukrainian Prisoners of War as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare

28 October: Crisis Situation in Kashmir

24 October: Elan Carr: Global Anti-Semitism, The View From The United States

17 October: Akhmed Zakayev: Subjugate or Exterminate! A Memoir of Russia’s Wars against Chechnya

17 October: Dr Tim Kane. A New Global Alliance: A Proposition for a 21st Century Political Order 

8 October: Political Responses to the Far Right

2 October: A Lost Tribe: Britain’s Young Eurosceptics

2 October: An Inside Look at the US Politics and the Special Relationship

24 September: Key Trends and Developments in Israeli Society and Economy

16 September: Look Where We’re Going; Escaping the Prism of Past Politics 

9 September: Why People Radicalize? The Anatomy of Violent Extremism

5 September: Hitler: A Story for Our Time

22 August: Towards a Responsible Post-Brexit Immigration System

19 August: Hong Kong: Protest and Responsibility

7 August: Towards a Civic English Nationalism

18 July: Social and Economic Integration of British Muslim Women

17 July: Holding Russia Responsible for MH17

15 July: Towards a Western Islam

9 July: Global Persecution of Christian Minorities

4 July: The Security Challenges Posed by Far Right Terrorism

3 July: China’s Rise and the Indo-Pacific

27 June: Democracy and the Authoritarian Ill Winds

27 June: “Who Owns Huawei” Roundtable

24 June: US Populism Deconstructed: The On-the-ground Reality

20 June: Conservative Diplomacy in American Thought

20 June: Elif Shafak: How to Remain Sane in the Age of Populism, Pessimism, and Political Uncertainty

19 June: The Geopolitics of 5G Supply Chain Security

17 June: The Decline of the German Political Establishment

11 June: Venezuelan Crisis: Destroying the Amazon and the Pemon People to Sustain the Maduro Regime

5 June: Dissecting the Election Results: What Is Next For India?

28 May: The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

24 May: Geopolitics by Other Means: The Indo-Pacific

23 May: National Populism and European Parliament Elections

22 May: Western Balkans: Geopolitical Interests and Orientations

21 May: Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP: Modernising the British Armed Forces

20 May: Moscow Rules: What Drives Russia to Confront the West

16 May: Defending Our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes

15 May: Political Prisoners of Russia

14 May: Ambassador Eizenstat: “Transatlantic Relations: From Carter to Trump”

13 May: Women’s Voices in Foreign Affairs and International Security

9 May: Terrorist Manifestos of the Far Right

2 May: From Satellites to Ships: China’s Island-Building in the South China Sea

30 April: How Russia Abuses Western Judiciaries

29 April: Pascal Lamy: Brexit – What’s Next?

9 April: The Wealth Effect

8 April: Countdown to the Indian General Elections: What Should We Expect

4 April: Digital Terrorism and Hate: A Contemporary Crisis

3 April: Key Developments in Belarus and the 2020 Presidential Election

2 April: Indo-Pacific Report Launch

2 April: The World in 2019

21 March: The Illiberalist’s Temptation of Democracy

19 March: The Consequences of Brexit for Britain and Europe

13 March: Lord Carlile: 40 Years of Terrorism Legislation Reviews

12 March: Movie Screening of ‘Putin’s Hostages: Ukrainian Political Prisoners’

11 March: The Two-State Solution: Is it still viable? Was it ever?

7 March: Global Britain and Japan

7 March: A Strategic Assessment of Israel’s Frontiers

6 March: The Future is Asian

5 March: Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, on ‘Preserving the Freedom of the Asia Pacific

27 February: Radicalising Our Children

26 February: Eastern European Security: 5 Years on from Maidan

25 February: Women’s Voices in Extremism

19 February: UNWRA: Time for a Rethink?

12 February: The Price of Prosperity

11 February: Global Britain: A Twenty-First Century Vision

6 February: Evolution of Russia’s Foreign Policy

30 January: Britain’s Strategic Interest in South China Sea 

28 January: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Age of Populism

24 January: Ukraine: 5 Years on from Maidan

17 January: The Sarawak Report

16 January: Global Britain and the Future of Europe

14 January: The Full English Brexit

14 January: The Future of Capitalism: Facing New Anxieties

10 January: Understanding the Uighur Situation in Xinjiang

8 January: Lessons from Churchill for the Contemporary Age 


19 December: Future Politics

12 December: Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy Is Threatening Our Future

27 November: Why Middle Eastern Jewish Refugees are Key to Understanding and Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

15 November: The McCain Legacy and the Magnitsky Act

14 November: President Ronald Reagan Memorial Forum

13 November: The Future of ‘Global Britain’ as a ‘Seapower State’

8 November: The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism

6 November: Adam Smith: What He Thought and Why It Matters

5 November: The Road to Unfreedom

23 October: Polonium, Novichok and Propaganda

17 October: Women and Sharia Law

16 October: Global Britain and the South China Sea

15 October: Moneyland: Why Thieves and Crooks Now Rule the World and how to Take it Back

25 September: How Russia Abuses Interpol – And How to Stop it

17 September: Ending the Endless War? A New Strategy for Afghanistan

13 September: Minorities in the Middle East

12 September: Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

12 September: Nine Lives: My Time as MI6’s Top Spy Inside Al-Qaeda

6 September: Exploding Data: Reclaiming our Cyber Security in the Digital Age


31 July: End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival is Undermining its Rise

31 July: Collapse: Europe After the European Union

18 July: In The Shadow of the Amia Bombing: Global Terror and the Threat Today

16 July: Peshmerga: ‘Those Who Face Death’

9 July: Trump and Trade Deficits

5 July: By More than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific since 1783

2 July: Bellingcat, Open Source Investigations, and the Truth About MH17

27 June: Asian Waters: The Struggle over the Asia-Pacific and the Strategy of Chinese Expansion

26 June: The Secret World: A History of Intelligence

20 June: Professor Nigel Biggar in conversation with Douglas Murray

20 June: The Israel-Palestinian Peace Process

13 June: Horizon 2020: What will the Midterms Tell Us About the Future of US Elections? with Gov. William F. Weld

12 June: NATO: European Security at a Time of Transatlantic Uncertainty with Admiral James Foggo III and Dr Jamie Shea


7 June: Anatomy of Terror: From the Death of bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State


29 May: Safe Passage: The Transition from British to American Hegemony

23 May: Russian Prisons: An Insider’s Perspective

22 May: HJS Report Launch: “Global Britain in the Indo-Pacific”

17 May: Kremlin Assassinations Abroad: A Historical Perspective

15 May: God Save Texas

14 May: How to Steal a Country: State Capture and Hopes for the Future in South Africa

6 May: The Post-ISIS Landscape: The new threat

2 May: Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth – and How to Fix It

1 May: Responding to Russia: The View from the US with Congressman Mike Gallagher

1 May: The First Georgian Republic (1918-1921)

23 April: The Vory: Russia’s Super Mafia

19 April: British Foreign Policy After Brexit with Lord David Owen

18 April: HJS Report Launch: “Terror in The Dark: How Terrorists use Encryption, the Darknet and Cryptocurrencies”

17 April: The Devil in the Details: Evaluating Policy Responses to Modern Slavery and Trafficking

12 April: Russia’s War in Ukraine: Prospects for Peace?

11 April: Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls

26 March: Merkel’s Fourth Term: End of an Era?

20 March: HJS Report Launch – “Prison Management of Terrorism-Related Offenders – Is Separation Effective?”

14 March: Whither the Russian Economy?

3 March:  Russia – the way forward

26 February: Iran Protests: What is the Responsibility of the Free World?

22 February: Doughnut Economics

20 February: The Long Hangover: Putin’s New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past

12 February: South Korea in the Crossroads: Autonomy and Alliance in an Era of Rival Powers

8 February: WTF: What the F*** Happened and What Happens Next? with Robert Peston

7 February: Migration to and through Europe: Challenges and Management


4 February: UK-US Financial Cooperation After Brexit

29 January: Present at the Creation of the Modern War Crimes Tribunal

16 January: Srebrenica: Genocide and its Legacies

12 January: Win your surge: co-coordinating activities, strategies and messaging to attain (short-term) foreign policy successes

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