Iran’s Crown Prince calls for the formation of a coalition government

In a public address this Thursday, Reza Shah, Iran’s Crown Prince, delivered a powerful message of hope as well as a call for action in supporting protesters as they battle unarmed, to break free from under the feet of the ayatollahs.

Holding the regime accountable for the many grave and heinous crimes its security apparatus committed over the past 5 weeks – all in the name of order and morality, the Crown Prince hailed the unbounded courage of Iranian women in their determination to reclaim the freedom, which, for 43 years they have been denied.

Bound by the shackles of an ascetic interpretation of Shia Islam, women have had to submit body and soul to the rules of men – to the point where their very existence has been tied to the will of their ‘keepers’, namely the regime and its loyal clergy. Iranian women have had to endure four decades of religious enslavement. Denied equality before the law, denied access to education, denied free movement, denied the choice of their clothing, denied the freedom of their sexuality … denied, denied, denied, women have now risen a tide against the Islamic, demanding that their voices be heard once more.

“They wanted women to be slaves to men but you, Iran’s women, with the support of your husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons have started the first women’s revolution in history.”

Listing the regime’s manipulations and abuses – whether through disinformation or violence, the Crown Prince went on to urge world leaders to pledge their support to Iran’s nascent revolution, so that Iranians’ democratic aspirations could be fulfilled and order restored. The world’s most prominent and active sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic has sowed chaos across the MENA region, furnishing terror outfits to project its ideology outwards and gain more land to its odious worldview.

Today Iranians are fighting back!

“…It [revolution] should be a starting point for further efforts to boycott and isolate the regime internationally and for maximum support for the Iranian national revolution. To call, with one voice, for the expulsion of the regime’s ambassadors and diplomats and the appointment of special representatives to engage the Iranian nation instead of fruitlessly negotiating with the regime.”

Foretelling the fall of the regime the Crown Prince went to urge the establishment of an interim, whose representatives will reflect Iran’s many voices and political current – a framework which would prevent Iran from spiraling into chaos, a fear which may has prevented many capitals from fully backing Iranians’ efforts to oust the regime.

However long the walk to freedom, it is certain History will remember which ‘friends’ turned away, and which, bid instead on Democracy’s victory.


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