The Chinese Communist’s corrupt Congress

Although Chinese President Xi Jinping warned millions of the “dangerous storms” facing China at the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20th National Congress, the most threatening turmoil lies within its borders.

The CCP has shifted its emphasis from “reform” to “security” following Xi’s perceived threats from the outside world. Xi hailed the CCP victorious Hong Kong, Taiwan, and COVID-19. The only remaining concern, according to Xi, is how to build a “self-confident” China amid the chaotic waters of the world.

Unfortunately for Xi, he cannot ‘hide and bide’ as his mission and wins thus far are but an illusion to an increasingly disillusioned public amid the backdrop of an awakening world.

To claim that Hong Kong is at peace while under Xi’s full control is unjust at the expense of over seven million Hong Kongers worldwide. The recent pro-democracy protests directed against Xi in Manchester, where the UK’s Chinese consulate was allegedly involved in the attack of a protester, reveals that Hong Kong’s fight for freedom is far from over.

To wish for a peaceful resolution with Taiwan whilst resolving to use force if needed and ultimately leaving Taiwan’s fate in the hands of the Chinese people is ludicrous. The CCP’s clear message to speed up the development of its world-class military uncovers its direction towards Taiwan for the sake of “security”. And to defer responsibility to Chinese citizens is a manipulative form of coercion as Xi will leave them with no choice but to rally for unification.

To declare that the CCP has eliminated COVID-19 and to call for a more “scientific” handling of the virus is yet another act of force by Xi. A recent, rare news report revealed that protests broke out in Shenzhen following the CCP’s latest COVID-19 lockdown. Even with an unprecedented third presidential term, Xi cannot fully suppress the virus or the Chinese people’s rights.

The Free World may pose a security threat to Xi as it refutes his deceitful assertions regarding China’s relations with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and COVID-19, but Xi should be panicked by the presence of “his own” people. The CCP’s corrupt ways are coming to light, and its attacks and restrictions will never be enough to stop the Chinese people’s growing cry for freedom from Shenzhen to Manchester and beyond.


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