A Regime on the brink? The Islamic Republic of Iran faces more challenges at home and abroad 

What a difference a weekend makes! In its fourth week, Iran’s budding revolutionary movement is fast gaining traction, rallying to its cause more voices still.  At  home and across the international community millions have joined in together, calling not for reforms but the unequivocal fall of the regime. Amid such mass mobilisation, western capitals are slowly coming to terms with the enormity of this movement, throwing their hats into the ring – albeit cautiously.

Faced with the brutality of a system which rationalises mass murder and does not hesitate putting children in harm’s way, foreign state officials have been left with little choice indeed.

On Sunday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock vowed to petition the EU so that more restrictions would be imposed on the regime, namely, travel bans on members of Iran’s security apparatus and a broad asset-freeze.

Speaking to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Baerbock stressed that, “Anyone who beats up women and girls in the streets, abducts people who want nothing more to live freely … is on the wrong side of history.”

The German minister was soon joined by British MPs in her condemnation of the Iranian regime. In a joint declaration 30 British Conservative MPs called on the British government to hold Iran’s regime accountable for its crimes, demanding that both the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi be brought to justice.

“The dossier of this regime’s crimes must be referred to the United Nations Security Council and those responsible for committing such crimes must be brought to justice in particular regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei and current President, Ebrahim Raisi”, the Conservative MPs said, calling on the UK Government to lead the international efforts to end impunity in Iran through the UN.

With reports pointing to an estimated 185 deaths, and thousands injured so far, Tehran’s attempt to restore calm has only served to reinforce Iranians’ determination to see  through their calls for regime change. In Tehran, the capital, this Sunday police officers joined protesters in their march, pledging their guns and their loyalty to the defence of Iranians.

Although the move has yet to be replicated across the country, it certainly speaks of a weakening regime, adding strength to the potency of a movement which is rather rapidly catching fire.

By all accounts, the Islamic Republic is facing mounting dissent, among even the ranks of its security apparatus.



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