Iran’s diatribe against the UK finds a new catalyst – Tehran sullies the memory of Queen Elizabeth II


There are truly no lines the Islamic Republic is not willing to cross in its vitriol against the West. Indeed, everything that we are and hold dear are but an affront to the theocratic sensitivities of Iran’s ruling clergy, a point the ayatollahs have pressed upon ad nauseam.

But even in our greatest disputes one surely must still recognise that before certain tragedies and events – in the case of the United Kingdom the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, one must first and foremost extend a compassionate, and maybe more to the point, humane hand, so that bridges could be built.

Unfortunately compassion and decency are not values the Islamic Republic seems to cultivate – quite the contrary in fact as Tehran has been intent on sullying not only the memory of our Queen, but the legacy she leaves behind, notwithstanding the integrity of the Crown.

At such a time when the world has closed ranks behind the United Kingdom, sharing in our grief as we pay tribute to a remarkable monarch, whose influence and generosity touched millions throughout the world; Iran chose to label our late Queen a despot and a thief, painting her reign as one of genocide and plunder.

Needless to say that in the person of Queen Elizabeth II it is really our great nation and our sovereignty the Islamic Republic aims to tarnish – the death of Her Majesty was but a convenient medium to convey such a message.

Iran’s disgraceful stance demands a rebuttal.

If we consider that the United Kingdom is locked in negotiations with Iran in regards to its nuclear ambitions, common sense would dictate we take this opportunity to offer Tehran a lesson in diplomacy and send a clear message that the UK will not tolerate for its institutions to be made a mockery of.


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