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Our work is only possible through the generosity of private philanthropy. Find out how you can support our mission and can contribute to our work.

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Donate to HJS

The Henry Jackson Society is entirely reliant on private donations to meet its running costs and to fund its programme of activities. We therefore welcome your support, either generally, or for specific projects.

As a charity registered in England and Wales under registered charity number 1140489, we are able to offer tax relief on donations from UK taxpayers through the gift aid scheme. This maximises the value of your donation to us.

If you are from the UK or worldwide (except the USA)

DON’T FORGET!  If you are a UK taxpayer, as a registered charity the Henry Jackson Society can increase your gift by up to 25% by reclaiming tax through GIFT AID.To be eligible to add Gift Aid to your donation, you must have paid enough income tax and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount that all charities and CASCs you donate to will reclaim for that tax year.  Council tax and VAT do not count.

From your donation we are able to claim 25p back on every £1 donated, which greatly helps our organisation and we thank you for your kindness.

If you are from the USA

US donors can benefit from tax relief by donating to The Henry Jackson Society Inc., which is a 501(c)(3) organisation and hence eligible for charitable relief from the IRS under US law.

the Henry Jackson Society, Inc, (HJS, Inc) is a non-profit corporation created to provide information to the public and to act as a forum for public discussion regarding national and international political, social and economic policy and promoting research in these areas in order to combat the lack of awareness regarding those areas among the general public. Set up in 2012, by the UK think tank, The Henry Jackson Society, HJS, Inc is a completely independent organisation.

You can donate to The Henry Jackson Society, Inc here.

Or alternatively, contact Executive Director Dr Alan Mendoza for contribution information at