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Category Archives: Canada

October 23, 2014

Why would jihadi terrorists attack Canada? Better to ask: why not?

Originally published in The Spectator
‘The attacks in Canada probably seem non-sensical to some people. After all, much of the press and political class in the West has spent years trying to cover over the motivations of people like those who have spent …

Posted in Canada, CRT Editorial, Islamism, North America, Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security
September 13, 2012

Iran’s sloppy spying

Controlled Engagement Policy may sound like a legal condition for Tom Cruise’s visitation rights with his daughter, but up until last week it was how Canada defined diplomacy with Iran. Basically, the relationship was one of North American nose-holding as …

Posted in Canada, Iran
November 18, 2011

Despite sanctions, US, Canada and Germany still host Assad regime websites

Citizen Lab, a programme at the University of Toronto examining the relationship between digital media and human rights, has uncovered alarming evidence that Canada, the United States and Germany — all countries which have imposed sanctions on Syria — are nevertheless hosting …

Posted in Canada, Germany, Media, Middle East, Syria, The Scoop, United States
January 25, 2011

APPG Event: Canada’s Strategic Outlook

By kind invitation of Bob Ainsworth MP, The All Party Parliamentary Group on Transatlantic and International Security was pleased to host a discussion with Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces, General Walt Natynczyk. General Natynczyk offered his …

Posted in Canada, Defence, Event
June 30, 2010

The UN Charter and the Genocide Convention 65 Years Later

By kind invitation of Andy Love MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with the Hon. Prof. Irwin Cotler MP, former Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General, International Human Rights lawyer and Member of the Canadian Parliament. Prof. Cotler focused on …

Posted in Canada, Event, Human Rights, Iran