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Dr. Andrew Foxall

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Dr. Andrew Foxall

Dr Andrew Foxall is Director of Research and Director of the Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society. His research focuses on economic, political and security trends in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.

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January 3, 2018

From Evropa to Gayropa: A Critical Geopolitics of the European Union as Seen from Russia

The role of geopolitics in European Union (EU) foreign policy has been the focus of much media, political, and scholarly commentary. This literature has interrogated the topic from a number of perspectives, critically exploring, for example, the construction and embodiment …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
November 16, 2017

For years Britain was soft on Russia and its money – finally we are standing up to Moscow

There are some politicians in Europe who still believe that the West should engage with Russia. They argue that Russia’s interests can be accommodated; that the greater danger is of over-reacting to Russia’s behaviour, not appeasing it; and that the …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
October 30, 2017

Don’t Give up on Moldova

By Dr. Andrew Foxall
Moldova—Europe’s poorest country—has struggled with the challenges of post-Soviet transition. This transition has become vastly more difficult as a result of the breakdown of Europe’s post-Cold War security order in 2014. It is now caught up in …

Posted in Europe, Opinion Editorial
October 26, 2017

No, Boris, the West didn’t lose Russia

By Andrew Foxall
The outlines of a new Russia policy have taken shape in the UK over recent years. The aim is to protect ourselves and our allies. The days when we thought we could influence developments inside Russia are long …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, RSC Spotlight, Russia
April 20, 2017

VLAD’S ENOUGH OF THAT Russia could spark General Election chaos by using ‘troll factories’ spreading pro-Corbyn and SNP propaganda, experts predict

This article originally appeared in The Sun.
RUSSIAN ‘troll factories’ could be set to sensationally disrupt the UK general election following Putin’s ruthless meddling in the US presidential campaign.
Speaking with The Sun Online, Dr Andrew Foxall, Russian expert at think tank The …

Posted in News Coverage
March 12, 2017

Russia ‘behind latest CIA data breach on Julian Assange’s Wikileaks’

This article originally appeared in The Express
RUSSIA was behind the latest classified CIA data dump on Wikileaks, experts said last night, with some warning that Britain’s security services might be the next target.
“Tuesday’s data release comes as the CIA investigates …

Posted in News Coverage
March 9, 2017

Dr Andrew Foxall provides evidence to House of Commons’ Defence sub-Committee on the Arctic

Dr Andrew Foxall, Director of the Russia Studies Centre at HJS provided written evidence to the House of Commons’ Defence sub-Committee on the Arctic.
Dr Foxall’s research has covered potential threats to Western security in the region.
You can read his submissions …

Posted in Russia, Spotlight
January 15, 2017

Navy facing heaviest Russian activity since Cold War says First Sea Lord

Originally published in the Telegraph.
The Royal Navy is facing its greatest challenge from Russian submarines and warships for more than 25 years, the First Sea Lord has told his sailors.
Adml Sir Philip Jones said the Navy was dealing with the …

Posted in Media Centre, News Coverage, RSC News Coverage
January 9, 2017

Vladimir Putin warned as US sends hundreds of tanks to Europe to defend Nato’s borders

Originally published in the Express.
Hundreds of US tanks have arrived in Europe to ensure the Continent remains “whole, free, prosperous, and at peace” amid growing tensions with Russia.
In newly released footage, American soldiers and military equipment can be seen arriving at …

Posted in Media Centre, News Coverage, RSC News Coverage
January 1, 2017

British armed forces may be called into action in 2017 as diplomatic tensions rise

Originally published by The Express
Crucially, for Britain in 2017, we could face the stark prospect of being the only nuclear power willing to stand up to Vladimir Putin.
Meanwhile China’s continuing cyber attacks on the UK and its territorial ambitions in …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia
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