Wasiq Wasiq

Associate Fellow, Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism

Wasiq Wasiq is an Associate Fellow at Henry Jackson Society. As a founding trustee for the charity Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS) – Wasiq is a leading voice against all forms of antisemitism, hate and prejudice against Jewish communities worldwide. Moreover, with a particular expertise in Islamism, Wasiq has been raising the issue of how non-violent Islamism is threatening western democracies. Wasiq has a BA (Hons) in Music Technology, a Masters in Educational Leadership from UCL. Wasiq is currently completing Ph.D in War Studies at King’s College London. Most recently, Wasiq was one of two lay advisors on the Singh Investigation into alleged discrimination and ‘Islamophobia’ in the Conservative Party. The report concluded that allegations of institutional racism against the Party were not borne out by the evidence available to the Investigation. This ground breaking and historic report was fully accepted by the Conservative Party whom have now agreed to all recommendations. Wasiq currently writes extensively on matters of antisemitism, extremism and terrorism for a number of well-known media outlets such as: Harry’s PlaceJewish NewsSpiked and The Mallard. Furthermore, Wasiq has also appeared on broadcast media such as GB News and LBC.



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