Jamila Mammadova

Programme Co-ordinator

Jamila Mammadova is a Research Assistant and ECLD Co-ordinator at The Henry Jackson Society.

Jamila Mammadova is the Programme Co-ordinator at the Henry Jackson Society.

Jamila was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. She specialises in international relations and international law, with an interest in Russia and Middle East. She holds a BA in Law from Baku State University, MA in Global Affairs from the University of Buckingham and a MA in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London.

Jamila is a fluent Russian speaker with experience of working both in HJS and with a Baku-based think tank focusing on political events happening in the international arena and more specifically in the Caucasus. Her duties included but were not limited to writing biannual reports on the political situation in the United Kingdom, including periodical news briefs and forecasts for the Azerbaijani President’s Administration. She also wrote speeches for state officials.

Jamila also acted as Deputy Head of Media and Communications, preparing newsletters for the think tank’s partners; wrote press releases; co-ordinated media briefings; and managed external communications. As an Expert Consultant at the centre’s Foreign Policy Department, she was also in charge of the Caucasus International journal and worked closely with her colleagues in Turkey on proof-reading, copy-editing and recruiting authors.

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