Dr Rakib Ehsan

Research Fellow, Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism

Dr Rakib Ehsan is a Research Fellow at the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society

Dr Rakib Ehsan is a Research Fellow in the Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism.

Rakib specialises in the socio-political behaviour and attitudes of British ethnic minorities, with a particular focus on the UK’s Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic groups.

He holds a BA Politics & International Relations (First-Class Honours), MSc Democracy, Politics & Governance (Pass with Distinction), and a PhD in Political Science, all from Royal Holloway, University of London.

His PhD investigated the effects of social integration for British ethnic minorities. Rakib has had research published by a number of UK-based think-tanks, including Runnymede Trust, Policy Exchange and Intergenerational Foundation, as well as the Mackenzie Institute, an independent security think-tank based in Toronto, Canada.

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Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the terrorist attacks on New Zealand mosques on Sky News

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses terror plotter Lewis Ludlow on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari


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