Aliona Hlivco

Strategic Relations Manager

Aliona Hlivco is the Strategic Relations Manager at Henry Jackson Society. Prior to that she was a political analyst, country risk adviser (mainly focusing on the FSU states), Guest Lecturer at Regent’s University London and a regular contributor at Chatham House Russia and Eurasia Programme’s roundtables and events. Aliona had an extensive political career in Ukraine. Having obtained MPA and MA (Hons) in Political Science she went on to become a Political Consultant and a Campaign Manager for one of the largest political parties in Ukraine. After having worked as a Chief of Staff to an MP, she ran for office herself and stood as a candidate in the Ukrainian Parliamentary General Elections. In 2015 she was elected a Local Councillor in her hometown Chernivtsi and became Chief Party Whip in the Regional Parliament. Aliona also served as a Chief Adviser to the Chair of the Regional Parliament. She regularly appeared on Ukrainian national media outlets, debating on domestic, security and international issues. She has also been a TEDx speaker and is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian with a limited proficiency in German.


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