Defending Europe: Global Britain and the Future of European Geopolitics

"For centuries the basis for the protection of the interests of britain has been the need to ensure that the continent of europe is not dominated by a power that is unfriendly to us." Field Marshal Lord Carver

Defending Europe: Global Britain’ and the Future of European Geopolitics highlights Russian aggression, Chinese expansionism and the United States’ ongoing pivot towards the Indo-Pacific as external challenges to the European security order. However, it also points out how Germany and France are starting to use British withdrawal from the European Union to challenge some of the basic assumptions which have underpinned European security since the Second World War, which could expose the faultlines long buried by NATO, leading to a decoupling of the EU from NATO and the wider Atlantic order.

Consequently, the report calls for the United Kingdom to launch and lead a “European Defence Initiative” to shape the defence of the European continent and maintain its alignment with NATO.





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