Russia & Eurasia Studies Centre

The Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre undertakes in-depth, analytically-focussed research into domestic and foreign policy issues in Russia and the other post-Soviet states.

Established in 2010 as the Russia Studies Centre, the programme’s geographical scope has widened since 2014, mirroring the high level of importance attached to the region.

European Security at a Time of Transatlantic Uncertainty

Putin Sees and Hears it all: How Russia’s Intelligence Agencies Menace The UK

A Definition of Contemporary Russian Conflict: How Does the Kremlin Wage War?

Russia’s Economic Prospects – Modernisation or Stagnation?

A “Captured State”: Moldova Between Russia and the West

Russia’s Policies towards a Changing Arctic

Close Encounters: Russian Military Activities in the Vicinity of UK Air and Sea Space, 2005-2016

Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law

Putin’s Useful Idiots: Britain’s Left, Right and Russia

Putin’s Cyberwarfare: Russia’s Statecraft in the Fifth Domain

The Ceasefire Illusion: An Assessment of the Minsk II Agreement Between Ukraine and Russia

Close Encounters: Russian Military Intrusions into UK Air- and Sea Space Since 2005

After Crimea: Towards a New British Geostrategy for Eastern Europe?

Russia’s Abuse of Interpol

The Long Arm of Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Peninsula: Crimea’s Annexation and Deterioration

The Kremlin’s Sleight of Hand: Russia’s Soft Power Offensive in the UK

The State of Democracy After 25 Years: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe

A Fateful Summit: The Future of NATO’s Relationship with Russia

Russia’s Role in the Balkans


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