HJS This Week on Terrorism


Since our last weekly lookahead, we have seen what appears to be Islamic State inspired terrorist attack in California and stabbings in London.

It’s a stark reminder that our way of life in the West is threatened. The Henry Jackson Society’s experts are at the fore of researching counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation, and can provide commentary and analysis on such stories:

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director
“The twin terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Leytonstone ‎show the scale of the threat from Radical Islam to our societies and to Muslim communities worldwide. I note President Obama has now joined Prime Minister David Cameron in finally acknowledging this threat. Urgent action is needed both domestically against radicalisation and internationally against the source of this terror to cure both the demand and supply sides for this menace.”

Hannah Stuart, Research Fellow
“While the terrorism threat to the UK remains unchanged – at ‘severe’, we have already seen seven terrorist plots foiled here in a year – we are a high-profile target, whether our MPs had voted yes or no to airstrikes in Syria. A greater danger to us long term would be to allow Islamic State to maintain territory as a base to train Western recruits. Attackers like those in Paris are mostly ‘home-grown’, but they get skills and combat experience in foreign conflicts like Syria.”

Tom Wilson, Resident Associate Fellow
“It is vital that we work to de-escalate tensions between Turkey and Iraq over the presence of Turkish troops near Mosul. Further tensions could risk jeopardising the strength of the international coalition working to defeat Islamic State.”

Dr Andrew Foxall, Director, Russia Studies Centre
“While Russia is waging war in Syria, President Putin is facing increasing pressure at home. Russia’s truck drivers have been protesting, for at least one week, against a new road tax, in the first sign that Russia’s economic woes might be eroding support for Mr. Putin’s government.”

Emily Dyer, Research Fellow
Emily will be looking at the terrorist threat in Europe, including claims from a recent European parliament report that Islamic State may be planning to try to use chemical and biological weapons in future attacks in Europe.


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